America’s Got Talent recap: Samuel Comroe, Lord Nil, Flau’jae impress during Judge Cuts 4

Flau'jae rapping on AGT
Flau’jae rapping during August 7 episode of America’s Got Talent

Twenty-one acts had already made it through to the live shows and seven more would join them by the end of the night on America’s Got Talent after Judge Cuts 4.

Television host Chris Hardwick was on hand as the celebrity judge, again with the power to use the golden buzzer on one act. Some of the acts that made some noise this evening included Lord Nil, comedian Samuel Comroe, and rapper Flau’jae.

Among the acts that advanced to the live shows, during Judge Cuts 3, singer Martina McBride helped The Savitsky Cats, PAC Dance Team, and We Three. Actress Olivia Munn was on hand when Hans, Joseph O’Brien, and Shin Lim advanced from Judge Cuts 2. Before that, actor Ken Jeong helped with Judge Cuts 1, taking part in advancing acts like Aaron Crow, Voice of Hope Children’s Choir, and Us the Duo.

Brian King Joseph

The electric violinist was back following a successful audition. He was the first act of the night and Brian got things heading in the right direction.

A standing ovation followed the performance and it was immediately clear that Brian King Joseph would be on the minds of the judges when they debated later in the evening.

Yumbo Dump

This is one of those groups that audience members either love or love to hate. Making sounds with their bodies, this time they brought Chris on stage to help with the act.

Mel B hit her buzzer during the act, as she wasn’t pleased with the performance. The rest of the judges seemed to enjoy it this time.

Da Republik

The hip-hop dance group from the Dominican Republic entertained the audience again. This time, they performed to Swalla by Jason Derulo and Din Daa Daa by George Kranz

All of the judges loved the act. Simon Cowell loved the personalities on the stage, while Howie Mandel loved their passion. Could this group be a threat to win the show this season?


Flau’jae is the 14-year-old rapper who took the internet by storm following her first performance on the show this summer. Could she do even better when it came to her Judge Cuts attempt?

As seen in the video above, Flau’jae is in it to win it this season. She performed another original song, I Can’t Lose, and received the golden buzzer from Chris Hardwick.

Not only did that send her right to the live shows, but it also elevated her as a top contender to win the $1 million prize.

Glennis Grace

A performance of Nothing Compares To You was how Glennis Grace spent her night in front of the judges. Could this song be even better than the one she did during the auditions?

After watching that video, it should be surprising to nobody that the judges absolutely love it. The audience obviously enjoyed it as well. Keep an eye on this girl in the next round — the live shows.

Lord Nil

This is one of the escape artists from the auditions. As a reminder, this is the act that Simon Cowell enjoyed, but he told Lord Nil to return with alligators. As seen in the video below, he did exactly that.

The act speaks for itself, as he left the judges and the audience gasping for breath. The producers also timed a commercial break during his act to add more tension. Simon was impressed, which seemed like the goal.

Samuel J. Comroe

Sam Comroe is the comedian who has to deal with Tourette Syndrome. During the auditions, he had an entertaining set where he poked fun at himself and the judges really enjoyed it.

As seen in the video above, Samuel Comroe was definitely ready to appear in front of the judges again. Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel all enjoyed him quite a bit. This kid knows how to tell a joke.

The top seven acts

The Golden Buzzer pick of Chris Harwick was Flau’jae, and she was joined by Glennis Grace, Lord Nil, Samuel J. Comroe, Da Republik, Yumbo Dump, and Brian King Joseph as the acts advancing to the live shows. There are now 28 acts in tow, all set to advance to the quarterfinals, beginning on August 14.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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