America’s Got Talent recap: Hans, Joseph O’Brien and Shin Lim impress on second night of judge cuts

Shin Lim On AGT
Shin Lim performs on July 24 America’s Got Talent — Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent returned for its second night of judge cuts and there’s a lot of talent this season. Hans’ act was unforgettable while Joseph O” Brien was able to impress even after an interruption. Seven acts made it through to the live shows last week, providing a very exciting night of performances for the fans.

Actress Olivia Munn was on board as the celebrity judge for the episode. She would join Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel in deciding which seven acts from the night should advance to the live shows. It was an eclectic night of performances, all leading to a few dramatic moments to wrap up Episode 9.

Human Fountains

The group of guys spitting water returned for another try at impressing the judges. Fans will need to judge for themselves from the video below if it was a $1 million act.

The judges, the audience, and even the acts backstage had similar reactions to what had just taken place. Simon Cowell asked, “how am I supposed to judge this?” Would this be an act that could be in the top seven for the night?

Shin Lim

Magician Shin Lim returned to the stage. He invited Olivia Munn up to help with his card trick. In the first round, he was very impressive, could he wow the judges and the audience again?

This performance may have made Shin Lim a potential favorite to win the show this summer. Heidi stated that he made her believe that magic was possible, while Olivia said that it was amazing. Howie said he is the best close-up magician he has ever seen.

Montage time

As with the first judge’s cuts, this episode had a number of acts that only got a few moments during montages in order to save time during the two hours. Those acts are listed in this section.

The Meslisizwe Brothers came out and performed a song, which the judges enjoyed. This is a group of three kids that might just grab a following.

Fourteen-year-old Macey Mac also performed, stepping it up from her last audition, according to Mel B.

Reyes Del Swing performed another dance number with their huge company. Olivia liked it a lot and Simon said it was fun.

Shannon & Reckon were back. A lady and her dog, they were back to perform more tricks for the judges. It didn’t seem to go that well.

Exisdancegave it another try. The dancer using emoticons also wasn’t impressive. Howie said it wasn’t funny or good.

Vivien Vajda performed more jump rope tricks for the audience. She was very impressive during her act, but would it be good enough to advance?

Young singer Leah Mathies was back with another original song. The judges loved her voice but weren’t convinced by the song choice.

Hunter Price also performed an original song for the judges. He got buzzed by Howie. Simon said the performance was frustrating.

Sophie Fatu

Five-year-old Sophie was back on the stage. The first time around, she sang My Way by Frank Sinatra. This time, Sophie performed the song New York, New York.

The audience loved her again. This is definitely one of the kid acts who could garner a lot of votes from the live audience. She is probably a contender for the $1 million prize as well.

The Future Kingz

The dance troupe from Chicago was back with an improved act and ready to impress the judges again. As seen by the performance below, they certainly made another step up from last time.

The judges had a lot of good things to say about them and the audience loved the performance. Was it good enough to make the top seven on this night?

Lioz Shem Tov

The comedian-magician was back for another round. As a reminder, Heidi buzzed him during the auditions, feeling his act wasn’t that entertaining. Could he change her mind?

Olivia thought that he was “awesome” and “clever.” Simon enjoyed it and said he was “hilarious.” Heidi still says it is not her “cup of tea.” This could be a source of arguments when the judges have to discuss who advances to the live shows later.

Angel City Chorale

The huge choir was back for another performance. The diverse group performed Baba Yetu this time. It’s certainly one of the must-see performances of the night and depicted in the video below. The choir leader estimated there were about 145 people there this time.

Olivia Munn absolutely loved the performance and pressed the golden buzzer. It means that the Angel City Chorale has automatically advanced to the live shows.


Back with dancers, Hans was trying to impress Simon with a new routine. The accordion player got them all laughing before sitting down at the piano.

Everyone still had smiles on their faces when it came to an end. Mel called it “the gift that keeps on giving.” Hans promised that a chance to move on would bring even more glitz and glamor.

Rob Lake

The illusionist was back and trying harder to impress the judges. His act was a step up from last week and designed to wow the audience. Could he do it?

Olivia was very impressed by the act, as seen in the video above. Howie said that it was “amazing” and Simon called it “incredible.” They definitely liked it more than last week.

Joseph O’Brien

The Tennessee singer, as seen in the video below, started a song, only to get interrupted by Simon. It might have saved him. Only time will tell.

All of the judges like his voice and Simon noted that he had a “fighting spirit.” It would be up to the judges, later, to decide if he could make the top seven on this night.

Vicki Barbolak

Comedian Vicki Barbolak was back for more jokes, trying to convince the judges she deserved a spot on the live shows. It’s not surprising that she performed later in the show. Her full act can be seen below.

The judges laughed a lot during the performance and the audience even gave her a standing ovation. Heidi stated that she was her favorite comedian this year. That might be good news when it comes to the cuts.

The top seven acts

Angel City Chorale received the golden buzzer from Olivia Munn. That left just six spots for acts advancing to the live shows. On this night, the judges went with Joseph O’Brien, Shin Lim, Rob Lake, The Future Kingz, Hans, and Vicki Barbolak.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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