America’s Got Talent recap: Episode 3 reveals five-year-old Sophie Fatu

Sophie Fatu On AGT
Sophie Fatu performs on June 12 episode of America’s Got Talent – Image via: NBC

America’s Got Talent returned on June 12 for Episode 3 of the season. The two-hour installment continued the audition phase of the reality competition show, with the four judges weighing in on more acts.

During the second episode of the season, singer Michael Ketterer received the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. It meant that he advances immediately to the live rounds. He joined the dance group Zurcaroh, who received the golden buzzer from host Tyra Banks during the season premiere.

Episode 3 Recap

After Tyra arrived on the stage dressed as an eagle, it was time to get right to the acts. The first one up was high on the cute factor, which is likely to garner her a lot of support.

Sophie Fatu

Sophie first made a series of adorable comments to the judges, getting them on her side before she even started performing. Her song of choice for the performance was the classic tune, My Way.

All four judges loved her and the audience also seemed to fall in love with Sophie Fatu. When it came to voting, they were unanimous in their support of her moving forward. ABC viewers have not seen the last of Sophie.

Sixto & Lucia

The next duo had an introduction that included the pair joking about having been in a relationship together. They argued, likely for television purposes, about who broke off the relationship. It was then time for the quick change artists to take the stage.

As shown in the video above, they brought their own flair to the type of act. They even brought in Tyra at the end to change her outfit as well. Simon loved their personalities and Howie thought they were really quick with their movements. All four judges voted yes on Sixto & Lucia.

Noah Guthrie

Noah got his start with YouTube videos and appeared on the television show Glee. He did a lot of cover songs on the internet before appearing on television for Fox. Now, he has arrived on America’s Got Talent, performing a Rihanna song for the judges.

Noah’s slow and bluesy performance definitely made him one of the memorable acts of the evening. The four judges all had glowing remarks for Noah. When it came to the voting, he became the third unanimous selection of the June 12 episode.

Sethward: Comedian Caterpillar

The next contestant came running out on the stage in a caterpillar costume. Simon wasn’t too pleased with what he saw, as the guy began rolling around on the stage. The act is shown in the video below.

The performance didn’t go over very well at all, but it severed as a palate cleanser for the rest of the episode.

The Future Kingz

A group of dancers from Chicago took the stage next. Called The Future Kingz, they definitely helped the NBC audience forget about the prior comedian. Their impressive and emotional performance is shown below.

The judges loved the energy, the choreography, and the joy that the group exuded on the stage. The audience cheered during most of the performance. Simon ended up calling it his favorite act of the day. It was not surprising when they were voted through unanimously.

Front Pictures

After a bit of a montage, a new act took the stage, blending technology with performance art. It is best explained by simply watching the video below.

The performance received a standing ovation from the judges and audience members. Mel B stated that it had blown her mind, while Heidi Klum said it was like nothing she had seen before. Front Pictures shall return, as it received four yesses from the judges.

Montage time

This was the time of the episode where the montage began, including a puppet that painted and a mysterious guitarist who wasn’t great at singing. It set up a joke about contestants loving Simon Cowell.

Enter a contestant who liked him a lot and was ready to sing about it.

Ms. Trysh

In a dedication to Simon, Ms. Trysh took the stage to sing If I Were Your Woman. The other judges enjoyed it a lot as she sang directly to Simon.

At the end of the performance seen in the video above, everyone gave her a standing ovation. Mel invited her up to give Simon a hug and she gladly did so. The judges all voted for Ms. Trysh to come back for the next round.

Lord Nil

Escape artist Lord Nil took the stage and was set up in a contraption filled with scorpions. He had 90 seconds to get himself out of the contraption before scorpions were to get lowered onto his head.

When the judges were discussing the act, Simon hinted he wanted to see an act with alligators next. The judges appeared to like the act, unanimously pushing him through to the next round.

Comedy montage

The time for another montage arrived, as the judges pretended to be falling asleep during the auditions.

Following the interlude that showed off a number of contestants getting booed off the stage, Simon noted that they needed something to pick them up. It was time for Hans.

Hans: International Superstar

It isn’t often that a contestant taking the stage with an accordian survives the auditions, but Hans was trying to create a new mold with his performance. His act can be seen in the video below.

The audience and Howie Mandel gave Hans a standing ovation. The judges seemed to enjoy it a lot, laughing and joking through the performance. They ended up all voting to send him to the next round.

Samuel J. Comroe

A comedian with tourette syndrome by the name of Samuel J. Comroe took the stage next. He was diagnosed at six years old and had a lot to overcome in order to make it to this stage. Below is his performance from Episode 3 of America’s Got Talent 2018.

Samuel has the goal of becoming the first comedian to win AGT and this performance was a step in the right direction. He joked a lot about his condition and it worked well with the judges and the audience. All four judges gave him praise and voted for him to advance on the show.

Courtney Hadwin

The performance of 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin was saved for the end of the show. As seen in the video below, it was a great way to wrap up the show.

Courtney might be in the running to win the 2018 season of America’s Got Talent if this performance is a hint of things to come. The judges and audience absolutely fell in love with her. Following her song, Howie Mandel pushed the golden buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows.

That brings an end to the America’s Got Talent June 12 recap. Episode 3 saw a third person advance to the live shows, when Courtney Hadwin received the golden buzzer from Howie.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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