America’s Got Talent recap: Angel City sings, 15-year-old Makayla Phillips meets America, Angel Garcia puts audience on its feet

Makayla Phillips singing and Angel City sings Toto's Africa
Makayla Phillips and Angel City Chorale sing on the America’s Got Talent auditions

America’s Got Talent aired its final auditions for this season last night — with the judges blown away by a string of incredible performances, including a massive choir called Angel City Chorale, 15-year-old Makayla Phillips and 12-year-old Angel Garcia.

This was the sixth auditions episode of the 2018 season, bringing a close to nearly a month of teasing the viewers. Tonight, there is an America’s Got Talent recap show, which shows off the best auditions of Season 13. Then, on July 17, the judge cuts begin, leading towards the live shows.

Will human-spider contortionist Troy James make the cut? How about five-year-old Sophie Fatu? Or will it be one of the acts from last night’s show? Here’s what went down…

Hamster Wheel

Starting off the night was a group of scientists calling themselves Hamster Wheel. The stage was already set up with a huge Rube Goldberg Machine when the three men entered.

They explained that the machine needed to work without assistance and then got started on showing it off to the judges.

The judges liked Hamster Wheel a lot and voted to send them on to the next round. The 300 hours of work to put it all together has paid off for them. Can they top it with another performance this season?


A cute, well put-together kid took the stage next. Calling himself Patches, the judges were shocked by what happened next. The full performance can be seen in the video below.

The judges loved Patches and have sent him to the next round of the show. Will the judges allow him to advance past the cut-round to the live shows? Find out next week.

Sergey & Sasha Korolev

In an act that is sure to get a lot of buzz on social media, a father and daughter acrobatics team took to the stage. Sergey and Sasha Korolev spoke about how they loved performing together before jumping into the act.

Mel B stated that she was “traumatized” in a good way by the performance. Howie Mandell called it “scary,” in a positive way. The judges unanimously loved the acrobat duo, with Simon Cowell noting just how much personality they had on the stage.

Angel City Chorale

This was a stand-out performance of the evening — and saw the choir recreate an actual thunder storm inside the auditorium. It’s hard not to get chills watching Angel City Chorale’s rendition of Toto’s Africa.

As you could expect after watching that, it was an immediate Yes from all four of the judges.

Angel Garcia

12-year-old Angel Garcia took the stage and had an unassuming presence. That quickly changed when he started singing.

Howie felt a disconnect with the performance, stating that the song was a little too old for him. Heidi and Mel liked it, leaving it up to Simon, who felt Angel was one of the best singers of the season. Angel Garcia is moving on!

Later in the July 10 episode, it was time to see if an animal could pass the test known as judge Simon Cowell.

Oscar & Pam

Pam took the stage with her golden retriever Oscar. Noting that her dog was going to sing for the judges. Pam took a seat at the piano and it was time to see what Oscar could do.

Heidi wasn’t impressed with Oscar, as she voted no on the canine performer. The other judges liked Oscar & Sam enough to put them through to the next round.

Makayla Phillips

Closing out the show was Makayla Phillips. The 15-year-old girl decided to perform Warrior, by Demi Lovato, as seen in the video below.

While it may have been obvious from the video, the judges absolutely loved the performance. Judge Heidi Klum rewarded Makayla Phillips with the golden buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows.

On July 11, America’s Got Talent: Best of Auditions airs at 8/7c on NBC. The four judges and host Tyra Banks will revisit some of their favorite moments from the audition phase of Season 13. It’s basically a clip show, wrapping up this section of the summer 2018 season.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8/7c.

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