America’s Got Talent Episode 2 recap: A judge uses the golden buzzer

America's Got Talent Episode 2 Recap
America’s Got Talent judges during Episode 2 – Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent Episode 2 aired on June 5, continuing the audition shows. The four judges and host Tyra Banks were back for another night of talented contestants. Back on the season premiere, Tyra used her golden buzzer, meaning the four judges could still advance someone straight to the live shows.

Yumbo Dump

The first act of the night involved two guys making sounds on their bodies. The trick, though, was that they had to bang the bellies against one another to make the sounds. After making the sound of a drop of water, Mel B immediately buzzed them.

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The duo continued their performance, leading to a lot of laughter from the crowd. Simon Cowell called it one of the funniest and stupidest things he has seen on the show. Simon, Heidi, and Hower voted yes, sending them on to the next round.

A married stand-up comedy duo took the stage next. They didn’t draw any laughs during the first few jokes and got buzzed almost immediately by Simon. The producers skipped most of the jokes and got to the votes, where not of the judges voted yes on them.

Us The Duo

A married couple hoping to start a family soon came out and performed an original song called No Matter Where You Are. The in-house audience quickly got behind the performance, as seen in the video below.

They received a standing ovation from Heidi, who said the song made her mushy and gushy inside. Howie thought the song sounded “a little coffeehouse,” to which Mel B also agreed. She asked them to provide an extra something next time. Heidi and Simon voted yes, and Howie voted no, leaving it up to Mel B. She voted yes to help send them to the next round.

Pet time

A montage of performers acting like animals or working with animals came next. Quite a few contestants got shown the door. The focus wasn’t on them, but rather the little girl who finished up the segment.

Lily Wilker

An 11-year-old animal impressionist took the stage next. When asked what she would do if she won the prize, Lily Wilker stated that she would donate it to animal shelters. The judges really liked that answer. Then she got started, mimicking animals like a dog, a rooster, and a duck.

Simon said that it was fantastic, Howie joked with her, Mel B said it was well done, and Heidi stated that she enjoyed it. Simon stated that she might have to step up the act in the next round, but all four judges gave her the approval to move on. It was clear that the audience really enjoyed Lily Wilker.

Acrobatic acts

Several acrobatic acts had some highlights shown, with a lot of mistakes in their routines. One was sent home with a message that his life was being saved by bringing his time on the show to an end. Another group had a lot of trouble with lifts, but they didn’t have enough screentime for the viewers to learn their names.

Fratelli Rossi

A brother duo of acrobats calling themselves Fratelli Rossi performed next. This was their first performance after one of them had to go through ACL surgery. As seen below, it was an act with a high degree of difficulty. It wasn’t without injury though.

As shown in the video, they had a spill during their act that almost caused the judges to bring an end to the performance. It became a topic of conversation once the act was over, with all four judges and the audience giving them a standing ovation. Simon stated that he was on the edge of his seat and that the act didn’t need to be perfect. Fratelli Rossi got four yes votes and has advanced.

Christina Wells

A singer from Houston named Christina Wells took the stage later. She spoke about trying to keep her dreams alive of singing for people. An introduction video was shown where she has struggled to gain recognition due to how people have perceived her weight. When she started singing, though, everyone in the audience was only focused on her voice.

By the time she was done singing, Christina was crying, with the entire audience and the judges giving her a standing ovation. They all had glowing comments for her and unanimously felt she needed to go to the next round.

Da Republik

A dance group from the Dominican Republic took the stage, briefly talking about their pursuit of the American dream before starting the performance. Called Da Republik, this is easily an act that viewers are going to remember from the June 5 episode. The video below of their dancing is definitely worth watching.

Mel B stated that the performers were “brilliant” when they finished. Howie and Heidi also agreed, with Simon closing it out by saying the performance was very “powerful.” All four judges voted yes on Da Republik to send them on to the next round.

Aaron Crow

Taking the danger acts from this season to the next level, Aaron Crow walked on the stage. This is the performer that social media has been buzzing about this week. The act involved bringing three people up on stage, including judge Howie Mandel, to participate in the dangerous act. The video below shows all that needs to be said about the performance.

The audience and judges gave Aaron Crow a lot of applause for the act. Mel B said that he was mysterious, got everyone involved, and was “hot.” The other judges also gave him high marks, stating that they loved the performance and wanted to see what he would do next. With a unanimous vote, he has now advanced on the show.

Alex Hooper

It was time for some humor. Maybe. Alex Hooper, calling himself a professional roaster, took the stage to insult Tyra Banks and the four America’s Got Talent judges. It was a risky endeavor, as it could either enthrall the judges or turn them against him.

The comedian didn’t hold back, getting buzzed by each judge as he worked his way down the panel. Only Simon really handled the jokes well, letting the performer tell his jokes right up until Mel B hit his buzzer. It was almost a unanimous vote against him getting another shot on the stage. Simon ended up stating that he was funny, giving him a single yes vote as the crowd booed Hooper off the stage.


A diabolo artist took the stage next. Using a projector to put images and designs on a screen behind him, Mochi performed tricks with the diabolo for the audience. It was quite a sight to behold, as shown in the video below.

The audience and the judges really enjoyed this performance. The judges were very impressed with what he was able to do in the dark. Simon noted that one of the best things about his performance was Mochi himself, who exuded a great personality. Four yesses later, Mochi was heading to the next round. The crowd and some of the judges even chanted his name as he left the stage.

Celina and Filiberto

Introduced by her daughter, Celina and her dance partner Filiberto walked on the stage. The elderly dance couple was set to present something new and exciting for the audience. The slow waltz music that introduced the performers was a distraction technique, as that is not the type of music that they used to perform.

Mel B ended up buzzing the couple, while the other three judges had a lot of fun with the couple dancing to the song Talk Dirty To Me. Howie, Heidi, and Simon voted yes on them, sending them through to the next round. This is not the last of Celina and Filiberto performing on the show, even though Mel B said she didn’t want to watch them again.

A lot of contestants started getting buzzed in a quick montage until they finally got to the act that the producers wanted to end the show.

Michael Ketterer

A father of six kids took the stage to sing for the judges and close out the June 5 episode of America’s Got Talent. His backstory is certainly going to tug at the heartstrings, showing how their family adopted five boys, including one who had been forced to live on the street. This all came after he nearly lost his wife and child during a difficult pregnancy. His performance is depicted in the video below.

The judges absolutely loved him. So did the audience. Heidi said she was blown away by the performance, while Howie stated that he wanted to be at least a fraction of the human being that Michael Ketterer has been in his life. Simon loved him the best, pressing the golden buzzer to send him straight to the live shows. It was a great way to end the episode, as his entire family came out on stage to celebrate with him.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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