Kevin Dowling murdered Jennifer Myers but was caught out by NASA scientist – American Monster spotlights

Kevin Dowling fishing in video
Kevin Dowling had a seemingly cast-iron alibi with him fishing on a boat. Pic credit: Pennsylvania State Police

Kevin Dowling was convicted of killing a store clerk to prevent her testifying against him, the case featured on a recent episode of the Investigation Discovery series American Monster.

In 1996 Jennifer Myers was attacked at the Gray Fox Gallery in Spring Grove, PA, which she owned and operated. Her assailant had robbed and then attempted to rape her.

A few months later, Myers spotted her attacker working at a local gas station and called the police.

Dowling was charged with robbery and indecent assault, but Myers was found dead before the trial started. On October 20, 1997, she’d been shot in the head and chest at the same gallery where the attack had taken place.

During the trial, Dowling produced a videotape that he said showed he was away fishing at the time of the murder, however, detectives were not convinced, and experts examined the tape.

It took an astrophysicist recommended by NASA to work out using the sun that the time on the video did not match the actual time of day.

Dowling was found guilty of murder in 1998 and sentenced to death.

However, he continues to protest his innocence and has made various appeals complaining about his initial defense council.

He remains in prison, and there is currently a state ban on executions, so he’s likely to live out his remaining years in prison.

American Monster airs on Sundays at 9:00 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

My mother was a witness to this murder

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
1 year ago

Just a scumbag, not willing to earn a living but rob and rape people. When he got caught he killed the only witness against him. His video was so convenient, who would bother to record this event of him fishing unless he was using it for a purpose. He is not very smart but I congratulate his wife for her stance. His poor kids now have no father, what a shame. I don’t care about whether he is executed but prefer that he spend the rest of his life in prison. Put a lot of unbreakable mirrors in his cell so he can see himself age knowing the only way he will get out is in a body bag.

1 year ago

This piece of human garbage should have been executed long ago

Joanie drake
Joanie drake
10 months ago

The only road is forgiveness

Tara F.
Tara F.
5 months ago

Except they got it all wrong. And he’s getting a new trial. He was railroaded by state police.