American Horror Story: Season 11 may be a late start this year

Title artwork for FX's American Horror Story
Title artwork for American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

Each season of FX’s American Horror Story manages to debut earlier and earlier each year, giving fans hope that Season 11 will be ready to air soon.

The last installment, AHS: Double Feature, dropped its earliest yet in August of last year. However, this was because of the global coronavirus pandemic actually pushing it so far forward that they missed out on airing in its normal spot in 2020, as was the case for many TV shows.

Now, it looks like Season 11 could be delayed as well.

Filming is currently underway for Season 11

According to Carter Matt, filming is underway for Season 11 of American Horror Story.

And, because filming has only just commenced on the new season, there seems likely to be some delay from the network’s regular airing schedule.

As yet, it is unknown how many episodes will air in the upcoming installment, but Gold Derby pointed out that the average number is usually around ten episodes, which could account for just when filming concludes and when they can air it.

Normally, FX likes AHS to drop in the Fall of every year, but they will likely wait and see what happens during filming. Plus, many networks are still overly cautious regarding the ongoing pandemic and don’t want to promise anything too early regarding debut dates and disappoint viewers if delays occur.

Key artwork for Season 1 of FX's American Horror Stories
Key artwork for Season 1 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

Here’s what we know about Season 11 of AHS

Already, viewers can look forward to Season 2 of AHS’s spinoff series, American Horror Stories, which is set to drop on July 21 and feature some creepy doll storylines if the latest artwork is anything to go by.

This could mean that Season 11 of American Horror Story could air directly after this.

According to IMDb, there are nine episodes in Season 2. This means that the finale will be on September 15, indicating that American Horror Story could drop as early as September 21 — so long as filming and post-production have concluded by then.

This would mean that there won’t be too much of a delay regarding Season 11, and it will mean it falls back in line with season debuts from the previous years.

As for the storyline for Season 11? Well, that is anyone’s guess, and with filming tightly closed on set, there have been no leaks yet as to what it might be.

Season 11 of American Horror Story has been renewed by FX and is expected to air later this year.

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