American Horror Story 1984 Finale Episode 8 recap: The final girl is revealed

Finn Wittrock stars as Bobby
Finn Wittrock stars as Bobby. Pic credit: FX

The Season 9 finale of FX’s American Horror Story opens in 2019, which is totally awkward if you were expecting big hair and bright colors, as Montana (Billie Lourd) soon discovers when Mr. Jingles’ (John Carroll Lynch) son turns up at Camp Redwood.

After a brief introduction and the wow factor for Montana when she discovers how awesome phones are, now, Bobby (Finn Wittrock) is introduced to the world of ghosts stalking the place. Of course, Montana has to die first and Trevor (Matthew Morrison) has to slit his throat and return before Bobby really believes what they are saying.

As TV Line points out, Bobby has turned up after all these years because he is looking for his dad. Montana points out that he hasn’t been seen for a very long time, but Bobby is not about to walk away from a mystery.

It also turns out that Montana is a born again ghost after a little incident involving Brooke (Emma Roberts). It seems that Trevor was fatally wounded by Margaret (Leslie Grossman) after he started turning guests away from the music festival. She shot him a few times and then left him to die outside of Camp Redwood.

Margaret then made the bad guy fatal mistake of walking away before the job is complete and Brooke turns up just in time to roll Trevor over the line and *Boom!* he’s a ghost.

And it totally looks like Brooke will be the final girl now that Montana doesn’t want to murder her anymore. Because of this selfless act by Brooke, Montana suddenly realizes how she has been and promises to never murder again.

There are two exceptions to that rule, though.

The first being the fact that it is time to murder Margaret. This is done in spectacular fashion by way of decapitation and a woodchipper. Her human minced meat is then spewed over the property line and now the ghosts believe that they are free from her tyranny and live in, relative, peace for thirty years.

The other exception comes when they decide to protect Baby Bobby from the Night Stalker (Zach Villa). Montana lures him into a cabin under the premise of meeting Billy Idol. I mean, who knew it was that easy to bluff Satan, right? Once he is there, he is murdered.

He is then killed — and in more creative ways each time — every time Satan regenerates him.

Well, that is until Bertie (Tara Karsian) decides that it is time for Chet (Gus Kenworthy) to have some alone time with her. The Night Stalker manages to regenerate while the pair are getting jiggy and take advantage of them — but not in a good way.

This also happens to be the exact moment that Bobby has finally shown up and the ghosts must battle to protect him.

Bobby manages to escape Camp Redwood and seeks out Donna (Angelica Ross), as instructed by the ghosts.

Donna then reveals everything else that happened on that fateful night in 1989. It appears that Brooke survived a lethal injection in Episode 6 of American Horror Story only to be shot dead by Margaret. I guess that makes Donna the final girl now.

However, it is later discovered that Brooke managed to survive that gunshot. Not only has she created the perfect life, but she has been the one who has been anonymously sending money to Bobby his entire life.

And, if there is anything Margaret should take away from the Season 9 finale of American Horror Story, it is that she should never leave without making absolutely certain that someone she has killed is actually dead.

However, the story is not over yet. Bobby is still drawn to Camp Redwood, as he needs to find out the truth regarding his father.

This is when it is discovered that Margaret is still alive. Who would have known that a person dies as soon as their head hits a woodchipper? Well, actually science would say so but the ghosts thought they might have had a few seconds spare as her brains were being pureed and dispersed.

Margaret has been lying low for 30 years. Which must have been fun for her considering her high maintenance and the fact that glamping wasn’t even a thing back in the 80s.

The reason for this?

She has been biding her time, waiting for Bobby to eventually show up so that she can kill him. For what reason, no one really knows but it is the perfect excuse for more murder.

Except that Mr. Jingles chooses this exact moment to reappear also. He, with the help of his mother, managed to save Bobby, who gets his a** out of Camp Redwood for a final time after a hug from his dad. Which probably makes him the final girl.

But, I’m not crying, you are, as the Mike and the Mechanics song, The Living Years, starts playing and I no longer have time to think about the final girl as the Season 9 finale concludes.

American Horror Story will return for a tenth season. However, as yet, there is no news on the theme of that season and Deadline has revealed that it could, potentially, be the final season of the hit anthology series.

Season 10 of American Horror Story has been announced but no premiere date has been released yet.

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