American Horror Story 1984 Episode 7 recap: The lady in white turns out to be a major plot twist

Lily Rabe as Lavina
Lily Rabe stars as Lavina. Pic credit: FX

Episode 7 of American Horror Story: 1984 begins in 1948. Viewers find out that the camp went by the name Golden Star at his point in its history. Everything starts off all rainbows and lollypops with Lavina Richter (Lily Rabe) working the canteen and the kitchen in order to raise her sons.

Except, immediately, viewers are alerted to the fact that Lavina has a favorite son, and it’s not Young Benjamin (Connor Cain) who is portly and unfunny and not blonde like beautiful Bobby (Filip Alexander).

So, it comes as no surprise when Bobby dies in a swimming accident, and Benjamin is blamed even though the lifeguard getting tail in the bushes was more to blame than anyone else.

Meanwhile, back in the current day for American Horror Story, Brooke (Emma Roberts) is going through detox thanks to the drugs Donna (Angelica Ross) gave her in order to fake her death in last week’s episode.

Also, Brooke totally hates Donna’s guts, so it’s probably messier than it should be. But, who can blame Brooke since Donna f*cked things up royally back at Camp Redwood? I probably wouldn’t be happy to see her either.

When Brooke sees Margaret’s (Leslie Grossman) little concert on the lake, she decides it’s time to f***k s**t up for the woman who got her put in jail. Donna is totally up for these sorts of shenanigans.

To get in the mood, they go rollerskating. For no other reason than because it’s the 80s. A guy called Bruce (Dylan McDermott) turns up at this point in AHS 1984 and, after overhearing them talking about Camp Redwood, wants to team up with them.

The pair refuse the offer. However, as Entertainment Weekly points out, their car “conveniently” dies on them, and Bruce offers to help.

This means they are totally a threesome now and on their way to the Redwood, and they should probably ignore all those missing signs for women along the way because I’m sure it will be just fine.

Dylan McDermott as Bruce
Dylan McDermott stars as Bruce. Pic credit: FX

When Bruce tells scary stories, Brooke calls b*llshit on him and wants to dump him. Donna pulls over, but Bruce is not getting out of the car because he’s a horrible person. Then, a police car pulls up behind them, and it gets awkward, not only for Bruce but for Brooke, who is supposed to be dead.

It all goes fairly well until Donna mentions that they just picked up Bruce, and they get a lecture from the cop about stranger danger. Well, they would have if Bruce hadn’t shot him. In the chaos, Donna drives off and leaves Bruce behind.

It doesn’t take long for the pair to be targeted by Bruce, though. He has stolen the police car and crashes it into theirs. When the guy in the car in front gets out and demands to know what’s going on, Bruce kills him too, and I’m not sure why no one else has noticed all the killing yet.

When Brooke comes to, Bruce is giving her the choice of driving and dragging Donna’s body behind the car or getting killed, and Bruce will drag Donna anyway. Except that Bruce has no idea who exactly he is dealing with and Brooke says, “Screw Donna!” before reversing that car right over the top of her.

In the confusion, she grabs Bruce’s gun and shoots him in the leg. Donna jumps in to help and strangles him with the very rope she was tied to the car with because she wants to kill him quickly.

However, Brooke has a better idea and ties him to a pole before cutting off his thumbs. The pair then hike it to Camp Redwood.

Speaking of Camp Redwood, Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) is meeting up with all of the dead copycat Mr. Jingles trapped at Redwood. They all want to kill him, but, apparently, Montana (Billie Lourd) has a “no-kill” policy until the festival.

The ghosts of Camp Redwood
The ghosts of Camp Redwood. Pic credit: FX

Mr. Jingles has to face the dead council after that, and he swears he is just there to kill the Night Stalker (Zach Villa). Except Montana’s plan is to kill everyone. They hope that the slaughter will draw paranormals and experts that might be able to free them all.

That’s when Mr. Jingles reveals that his mother is the woman in white that has been haunting the ghosts. He is also Young Benjamin all grown up and the one who killed his mother after she went on a killing spree at Camp Golden Star.

After all this excitement, viewers finally get to see what is happening in preparation for Margaret’s festival. The place is a mess, and Margaret wants it cleaned up pronto.

The Night Stalker turns up later that night and slaughters the band hired for the gig, and Mr. Jingles finally gets to have a chat with his mom that doesn’t involve her telling him how much she hates him.

This time she tells him to kill himself. But it’s for a good reason, seriously. By killing himself, he will come back as a ghost, and that might be the only chance he has against his deal with the devil.

As to how this all works out, well, viewers will just have to tune into the next episode of American Horror Story: 1984 to find out more.

American Horror Story returns with Episode 7 on Thursday, November 7, at 10/9c on FX.

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