American Horror Stories: FX releases creepy new doll artwork for Season 2

New promo image for Season 2 of FX's American Horror Story
New promo image for Season 2 of American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

Season 2 of FX’s American Horror Stories is set to premiere on July 21 on Hulu.

The first season of the spinoff series delved into various stories, and Season 2 is set to be the same.

However, the latest key artwork for the next installment has revealed at least one new storyline. And, for people terrified by creepy dolls, your luck is officially up.

New Season 2 images released for AHS

Three new images were shared recently to FX’s official Instagram account for American Horror Story and the new spinoff, American Horror Stories.

Each image also includes a tagline that further perpetuates the terror that only creepy dolls can bring.

The first image shared is a close-up of a doll — although it could actually be a real woman made up to look like one.

She is looking down at something off-screen, and one of her eyes appears to be damaged. On either side of her are two other dolls.

“Play with us,” the caption reads.

The second image shows further details of the doll featured to the left of the original one. In addition, half of the face of another doll stares directly at the viewer.

“You are not alone,” the second tagline reads.

The third image reveals the second half of the staring doll’s face as well as yet another new doll, this one peering at something off-screen.

“Somebody’s watching you,” the final caption reads, giving viewers a good indication of the sort of storyline involved with these characters.

AHS’s official Twitter account also shared a couple of new images. The first is one long image of the three broken down for the Instagram account.

The second is a variation of all these images that shows three dolls staring creepily at the audience. The doll with the damaged eye is also present in this one and could indicate that the actor Frances Conroy could be appearing in this storyline.

What is Season 2 of American Horror Stories about?

There is very little news regarding what Season 2 of American Horror Stories is about. However, the series is actually an anthology show, so each episode (or several of them) is broken down into self-contained stories.

With the new images revealed, it can be assumed that at least one episode will deal with some unsettling dolls.

As pointed out by Digital Spy last year, Season 1 dealt with the Murder House featured in Season 1 of American Horry Story, so it is possible that Season 2 of American Stories could also delve into other seasons of the original show.

In addition to this, it is possible that the new cast introduced in Season 1 could also return for Season 2. So, at least, there will likely be some familiar faces heading into the next installment

Season 2 of American Horror Stories will premiere on July 21 on Hulu.

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