Amber Tamblyn as Donald Trump vs. America Ferrera on Lip Sync Battle

America Ferrera vs. Amber Tamblyn as Donald Trump on Lip Sync Battle
Lip Sync Battle features Amber Tamblyn as Donald Trump in a prescient performance given the recent tape

This episode of Lip Sync Battle sees America Ferrera face off against Amber Tamblyn, who performs rather controversially as Donald Trump.

Actress Tamblyn performs Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex You Up but she does it as Donald Trump.

The show was actually recorded back in August before the tape of Donald Trump making derogatory remarks about women was aired and she also performed as Hillary Clinton.

Following the news of Trump’s ‘locker room’ talk Tamblyn shared her own account of a very nasty assault by an ex. According to reports, Spike checked with the actress that she was still OK with airing this performance. It was certainly prescient and could prove controversial given Trump’s recent attacks on perceived media bias.

The pair have been good friends for years but Ferrera reckons Tamblyn might have the edge as she is very competitive.

The Superstore star performs Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folk ft. Ms. Jade and Ludacris but will her efforts be enough to beat down her opposition?

Pre-show banter

Watch Lip Sync Battle – America Ferrera vs. Amber Tamblyn 9 PM on Spike.

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