Amber Rose speaks out about SlutWalk and gender equality on America’s Next Top Model

Amber Rose speaking to the contestants about SlutWalk on America's Next Top Model
Amber Rose speaking to the contestants about SlutWalk on America’s Next Top Model

Amber Rose makes a poignant statement about the ever-growing SlutWalk movement on this week’s America’s Next Top Model — saying: “At the end of the day, all we want is equality.”

The multi-talented star makes the statement as she speaks to the seven remaining contestants of this year’s series, who are tasked with creating a PSA for the empowering initiative.

The SlutWalk movement fist began back in 2011, and helps raise awareness about sexual injustice and gender inequality.

Amber tells the ANTM contestants: “SlutWalk is near and dear to my heart — it is about double standards, slut shaming, victim blaming, sexual assault and rape. I fell like as women we’ve dealt with at least one of them.

“I feel like as a society we have been taught to always please a man, and a man is always superior, and everything that we do is for a man — and that’s not true. Everything we do we should do it for ourselves.”

During the ANTM model the contestants are split into two teams by Amber and Ashley Graham.

They are then tasked with creating powerful PSA videos promoting SlutWalk and the messages that it tries to spread. Amber tells them: I really would like to see you guys show the pain and the struggle, but also make it very beautiful.”

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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