Amber and Matt from Married at First Sight: Where are they now?

Matt and Amber
Infidelity and a lack of communication plagued Amber and Matt’s marriage from the beginning. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne started their marriage off with great chemistry. But things took a quick turn for the worse after Matt started staying out all night, and there were rumors he was dating other women.

Matt quickly became Married at First Sight Season 9’s villain, as viewers wondered why he even bothered to get married in the first place.

The couple decided to divorce, and Matt has been pretty quiet ever since. Amber may not have gotten a man out of the experiment, but she did seem to gain a best friend out of it.

What has Matt been up to?

It seems as though Matt has gone back to playing basketball overseas. During his time on the show, he stated that he hadn’t decided whether or not to continue his overseas career.

It caused some contention between him and Amber, considering she didn’t want to move for his career.

Matt’s Instagram is full of photos of him in other countries and of him playing basketball.

Matt also has no problem getting compliments. Many of his female followers commented about how attractive he is under all of his photos.

Matt Gwynne
Matt has a lot of female followers who love the way he looks. Pic credit: Instagram/MKGwynne

What has Amber been up to?

Since her season wrapped, Amber has gotten a dog and is spending a lot of time with Iris. Her dog is named Lenny, and Amber seems smitten with him.

Amber also has gotten dressed up a few times and taken some gorgeous photos with her castmate Iris. While no one is sure if modeling is in the cards for these ladies, it might not be a bad idea, based on the photos they have taken.

Amber is still besties with Raven, and no they still aren’t dating. (Boo!)

We wish Amber and Matt all the best in their future endeavors.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesday 8/7c on Lifetime.

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swamprapper 7
swamprapper 7
3 years ago

I can’t believe people are being so nice to Matt. He was a lying pig and Amber was so cool. At least she dodged that bullet early. He will always cheat. He probably always has. Look how easy it was for him. No remorse. And he did it so publicly. I think he only went on the show for noteriety. Watch out for Karma Matt.

3 years ago

I don’t understand why smart women like Amber fall for obvious morons like Matt. Dude has no class either and sounded like he was mentally disabled during most of the show. He’s 31 and can’t hack it in the bigs, so he plays in the worst leagues around the world. LAME.