Amazon Alexa’s Super Bowl commercial for 2019: Watch Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker’s ad in full

Amazon’s new Alexa Super Bowl commercial is downright hilarious. Pic credit: Amazon

This year, Amazon is stepping up in the commercial game, as they are showing the world that they are improving the Alexa system.

The new 2019 Super Bowl commercial begins with two employees, talking about how Alexa is now capable of working with a microwave.

While one employee looks rather impressed and surprised, the other tells him that while it is impressive, there were a lot of failures along the way.

Insert: humorous scenarios.

The first scenario is a man asking his toothbrush with Alexa installed to play his favorite podcast. But when he starts to brush, he can’t hear anything as Alexa’s supposed speakers are now in his mouth.

Another hilarious fail is the Alexa dog collar, where the dog barks result in many orders for dog food.

The dog owner is Harrison Ford and when he tells the dog that he’s not buying any more dog food, the dog barking changes, resulting in orders for gravy and sausages, causing Ford to tell his dog to cancel the order.

A third example of a bad idea was the Alexa hot tub. When two girls get in the hot tub and asks Alexa to play music, the device starts a water routine, spraying water up from the tub in a dramatic fashion, mirroring the water fountains in Las Vegas.

The grand finale is so extreme that the two women are thrown from the tub as the water splashes everywhere.

But it all leads down to “the incident” — the one thing that seems to be on everyone’s lips but that Amazon’s workers aren’t too keen to take responsibility for.

The incident appears to be a massive blackout, causing an electricity outage in the entire world. As it turns out, Alexa is in space, where astronauts are asking Alexa to power up and power down.

While they don’t understand why it’s not working, the whole world appears to be lighting up and going dark.

The Super Bowl airs February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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