Amara La Negra shocked by Veronica Vega agreeing to date Young Hollywood after comments

Amara La Negra on Love & Hip Hop: Miami
Amara La Negra reacts to the news about Young Hollywood on Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Amara La Negra reveals her shock on this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami after hearing Veronica Vega agreed to date Young Hollywood.

Amara is told the news by Steph Lecor and is not amused, following music producer Hollywood’s comments about her style. Steph tells him that he admitted to her that he owed Amara an apology, but that he would only do it if Veronica went on a date with him.

The fact that Veronica is even entertaining the idea doesn’t sit well with Amara, who questions her loyalty. And she reveals she’s not planning on having anything to do with Young Hollywood until he does say sorry.

Hollywood previously commented about Amara’s afro, saying she should straighten it so that she looked more “up to par” with other stars like Beyonce. He has since received death threats from followers for the things he said.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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