Amanda Batula: Get to know the Summer House cast member

Amanda Batula on Summer House
Amanda Batula, who has been ‘official’ with Summer House co-star Kyle Cooke for a year now

Amanda Batula is a fully-fledged houseguest on Season 2 of Bravo series Summer House — and here’s everything you need to know about her.

Amanda, who also featured in the first season, is an art director, graphic designer and stylist who works in NYC but who, like many of the rest of the Summer House cast, likes to work hard then head to the Hamptons to kick back with friends.

She is the lady credited with getting lead house member Kyle Cooke to consider settling down, and the pair have been together officially for a year now as the season starts.

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But despite taming the notorious bachelor, Amanda still wants Kyle to prove he’s a changed man and ready to prioritze committing to a relationship.

Amanda has her own website, where her motto is “a life without LOVE is like a year without SUMMER”.  She also has a growing social media following with more than 1,700 followers on Twitter and more than 35,000 on Instagram, where she regularly posts pics of what she’s been getting up to.

Find out what Amanda and the other members of the Summer House cast have been getting up to since Season 1 in the clip below.

Summer House: Here's What Everyone's Been Up To (Season 2, Episode 2) | Bravo

Summer House airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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