Alysse vs Elle: Who wins Vinny’s heart on Double Shot at Love?

Vinny Guadagnino on Double Shot at Love
Vinny has to pick between Alysse and Elle on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV

Double Shot at Love is over and tonight, DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino had to pick just one woman from those remaining in order to move forward and hopefully, have a relationship.

For Vinny, it came down to Alysse and Elle, two very different women who both seem to be a great match for the Jersey Shore star.

Making the Double Shot at Love decision even more difficult, Vinny’s family was on hand to give their impressions of the ladies vying for his heart. Quickly, a frontrunner made herself known as both Vinny’s mom and his uncle Nino both took a liking to Alysse.

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It was a clear win for Vinny’s mom, who really appreciated how great of a help Alysse was in the kitchen. Nino nicknamed Alysse “Freckles” and clearly, he really liked her too.

However, Vinny noted that his family’s choice doesn’t necessarily equal his choice and there has been quite a bit of chemistry with Elle throughout this time too.

After all, they have literally everything in common from their interest in politics to their love of the Jersey Shore.

Vinny commented that Elle would probably fit in better with his Jersey Shore friends and that Alysse is so quiet that they might never talk to each other.

In the end, Vinny decided to go with his gut and even explained that while Elle checked all of his boxes as far as having things in common, sometimes you just can’t explain the connection.

Ultimately, when it came time to pick a winner on Double Shot at Love, Vinny Guadagnino put Elle in a cab and decided to move forward with Alysse.

Surely, his family will be happy with that decision.

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