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Alone recap: Tap out emergency as the survivalists fall like flies on Season 5, Episode 3

On History’s survival gauntlet series Alone, eight survivalists remained last night — until one had to tap out for severe medical reasons.

Redemption is turning into a version of: “And then there were none…” Now we have seven remaining.

Last week we said goodbye to Brad Richardson who lasted a week and then had to tap out as he could not catch or kill anything and didn’t think to eat a bug.

On Episode 3, Alone finally revealed just how treacherous and frightening the Mongolian terrain is — and with a shocking twist. Before we discuss that, though, let’s talk about the wolves.

There are a lot of wolves in Mongolia. It sounded like there were packs of thirty or more, and they were close. The seasoned former players were right to be spooked, every last one of them.

Except it wasn’t Dave Nessia who spooked. He’s not the type.

There’s a slight air of otherworldliness about him. He’s a strange one to pin down, with a smile that has the ability to freak you out — something he shares with Larry Roberts’ whole demeanor.

Dave Nessia
Dave is a very enthusiastic player — until he is not

Which means they will likely do well this time around because you need a certain level of “damn the torpedoes” to live alone in Mongolian brush where bears, poisonous snakes, wolves, sparse food and extreme weather are matched by you being in absolute isolation from any other human being.

That’s the kicker — managing mental stress and being comfortable in your own skin and trusting your competency. And not living in worry and fear on a constant basis.

Okay, the elephant in the room was the fact that Nicole Apelian was the one who had to tap. Her MS flared up so badly in this episode and her meds and herbs that she relied on were not there to help her.

We were sorry to see Nicole go. Both Carleigh and Nicole are sadly now no longer in play, and both were and are so inspirational!

Brooke Whipple is still in it to win it, but while the sisters of Alone are as tough as nails they are waning like the moon.

Nicole Apelian
Nicole’s MS flare-ups got out of control and she had to go home

Also still left in the game is Randy.

Randy is building the Taj Mahal of Alone cabins. I love that. My first goal would be to build a totally apex predator-proof structure and then completely landscape the exterior and go hog wild with a fire pit made from masoned rocks.

I would also take a play from Britt’s bug-eating book and have a pail of roasted grasshoppers to snack on like chicharrónes. Then I would only come out to catch a fish, pee and retreat back into my fortress.

Speaking of Britt, how freaking crazy was it that the fish he “banked” in the shallow waters near his camp were jacked by some wolves or a bear? He’s lucky they didn’t come for him.

And Jesse. He killed and ate the viper and I think he was like, “it tasted like chicken”. The grasshoppers taste like charred burgers according to Britt. I think they are both colossal liars.

Sam stinks at fishing and instead he killed a small bird with a rock snare. By his over-the-top reaction, you would have thought he nailed an elk. Then he boiled it down to gelatinous bird broth and I nearly keeled over watching him drink it up.

We need more Brooke time and less bird-boiling moments. Next week…

Alone airs Thursdays at 10/9c on History.

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