Alone recap: Brody eats sashimi, Brooke does Shakespeare plus crunchy bear poop

Shannon grimacing on History's Alone
Team Bosdell sees Shannon severely hurt his back in this episode of History’s Alone

Thursday night is Alone night — time to pull out those banana snail appetizer recipes.

Before this week’s episode we had seen the teams whittled down to five in a few short days.

So far #teamwhipple is kicking butt but so is #teambaird. In this week’s run, we catch up with Team Brockdorff, Team Bosdell, and Team Wilkes. No Team Baird giant ginger action this week.

Day 5 kicks off the third episode of History’s Alone as we head over to Team Bosdell first.

Last week’s cliffhanger was that Shannon Bosdell had hurt himself. This week we see he’s in agony. And being rained on.

In full trauma mode, Shannon says: “I f***** my lower back up. My lower leg! It’s like shots of pain…I can’t feel my legs!”

He might have a compression fracture or have seriously broken his back. He adds: “I’ve gotta have it checked out. I’m out of here.”

And in comes the cavalry. He describes the pain to the medics as they check him out all over.

“We knew the only way we were going home was a major injury,” Shannon says, who is worried about his brother Jesse.

But Jesse is closer than he can imagine. Hearing the chopper, Jesse says: “God, I hope Shannon’s okay.”

Medivac personnel take Shannon away to hospital

He then learns that Shannon has suffered a severe back injury. This means extraction time.

Jesse was so close to him in proximity, only .8 miles away. “I’m a little disappointed,” he says.

Day 5 and now four teams remain.

At this pace, the show is going to ramp up fast.

Next up, Team Whipple time. Yay! Our Brooke has a coffee pot tin she’s using as a cowbell, and she is performing an impromptu Shakespeare soliloquy in the woods to regale the creatures. She will not be laid low!

Brooke bravely announces her presence to the critterverse with a coffee pot cowbell

We get her wanderlust backstory and how she lives for an adventure and even worked at Yellowstone National Park.

The abundant sunshine filtering down upon her (of course) means she seizes the opportunity and strips down to her skivvies and soaks it up (depression fighting Vitamin D, y’all).

Everyone else in tonight’s show is rained on. Not her.

All of a sudden she sits up. “Holy crap. What is that?” Brooke’s curious wolf is back and he is checking her out. Now she is whispering, “You gotta be aware.”

Brooke’s wolfe probably wants a Scooby Snack

Dave cannot come to her soon enough.

We now meet Pete Brockdorff. He is waiting on his son Sam. Pete is low-key and pragmatic; he is a pretty fit 61 years young yet his age may be a challenge. He was honest enough to talk about it.

The low tide comes and he is seeking a fish. He yanks one out in a nanosecond with his constructed fishing pole like child’s play.

It happened so fast, Pete has the angler’s touch!

Meanwhile, Sam is about 4.8 miles away and being rained on. Then he hikes into a neverending stretch of marsh and pond. Nightmare.

Day 6, four teams remain. Team Wilkes is up at bat.

Brody Wilkes is walking a rocky beach. He caught a salmon with his bare hands. He says: “Tonight I won’t go to bed hungry.” Except he cannot make a fire. Time for sashimi.

He gags it down and risks parasites for protein.

Back to Team Brockdorff. Pete is in the rain, and he finds fresh bear poop with crab and clam shells in it. That had to hurt.

Then he finds even more huge piles of bear feces. It’s a bear scatapalooza and he now hears grunting. Fade to black.

Crab and clam shell bear poop

Day 7, four teams remain.

Over to Chris Wilkes who sings happy birthday to his daughter who is not there.

He needs to set up a drying rack for his firewood. Then he vents and slags his family for not supporting his decision to participate on the show.

He inadvertently criticizes them for not telling him to live his dream and crying about his leaving them instead. He comes off a bit bitter about it. Their negativity is now eating away at him.

Chris vents and makes a drying rack

You know who isn’t mad at his wife? Dave!

Team Whipple is nearly united as Dave finds a clearing. Then, he hears something…what is it? He writes it off and makes the campsite nice and smokey. Critters hate that allegedly.

Dave Whipple hears a noise, and is slightly bugging out

Back to Brody Wilkes.

Low tide affords him a chance to skedaddle across the bend. He wades across the outgoing river, waist deep at 50 degrees temperature.

His gonads are screaming. “By now I had really hoped to be with my brother,” he laments. “I’m not sure how much more I can take of this.”

But Day 8 sees a first reuniting. Brilliant!

Brody hears his brother. It’s a happy moment and there are many mudda-f-bombs to be heard.

There’s elation and joyous reunion for two brothers with potty mouths!

Next week is teased and it looks grim for young ax-less Sam Brockendorff and something “huge” crawls over Brooke in her cozy abode.

See you then!

Alone airs Thursday nights 10/9c on History.

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