Alexandra Grey performs as Melody on Empire and fans are loving it

Alexandra Gray as Melody Barnes on Empire
Alexandra Grey plays Melody Barnes on Empire. Pic credit: Fox

Actress Alexandra Grey appeared in her recurring role as Melody Barnes on last night’s episode of Fox’s musical drama Empire, much to the delight of fans.

On last night’s episode of Empire Season 6, titled Do You Remember Me, Cookie goes to see Lala’s coach Melody, and it turns out that they knew each other before Melody transitioned to a woman. Melody was formerly a man named Melvin.

Cookie told Melody that she wanted to work with her, but Melody insisted she did not want anything to do with her or any of the Lyons after what happened in the past.

She apologized for the past incident, but Melody was afraid of how people would react to a transgender singer. Cookie tried to calm her fears and assured her that she was made for stardom.

Later Cookie invited Lucious to listen to Melody sing. Lucious has a flashback about what happened between him and Melvin (when Melody was a man) in the past.

In the scene, Melvin was dressed as Melody and asked Lucious to let him perform as Melody. But Lucious was furious and told Melody to get out of her “ridiculous costume.” He told her that it was the male singer Melvin he signed a contract with and not the woman named Melody.

Melody fought back, saying Lucious did not own her. Lucious agreed he didn’t own Melody, but that Empire owned her.

Lucious then threatened to get back the money (with interest) that he invested in Melvin if Melody refused to perform as Melvin. Melody broke into tears saying, “This is who I am,” that is, Melody and not Melvin.

She then told Lucious that she was done with him and that he could do as he pleased. She walked out.

Back in the present, Lucious listened to Melody sing. Her voice was beautiful and she gave a great performance. Lucious regretted his past action and apologized before he left.

Fans have been reacting to last night’s episode of the show on Fox, with an outpouring of love and support for Melody.

Many fans said that the storyline for last night’s episode was probably the best on Empire this season.

Empire airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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