Aleisha Beckum on Street Outlaws: All you need to know

Aleisha in one of her many awesome photos from Instagram. Pic credit: Aleisha Beckum/Instagram
Aleisha in one of her many awesome photos from Instsgram. Pic credit: Aleisha Beckum/Instagram

On last night’s Street Outlaws, one of the sexiest racers from California was introduced as Team Boddie raced the OKC crew. Aleisha Beckum has fans of the Discovery series talking today, but who is this sexy street racer?

If you head over to Instagram, Aleisha’s feed is filled with great shots of her rig and of herself posing with her vehicle.

Who is Aleisha?

As we mentioned, Sacramento-based racer Aleisha Beckum is an integral part of Team Boddie and takes part in grudge racing. A grudge racer is a modern-day drag racer who trash-talks and races by strict ground rules while street/track racing.

She is pretty private about her personal details but has loads of “positive vibes” messaging on her socials. According to her team rules she claims to abide by “NO EGO” and “cutting good lights”.  Her birthday is listed as July 1, 1990, making her 28 years old today.

Her rig is called “Blue Balls,” this ’68 Camaro is described on Match Race Madness as having a “Big Block Chevy with Nitrous, a Power Glide transmission and Mark Williams rear end.”

She is responsive and quite active on all her socials including Facebook.

How did she hook up with Team Boddie?

Aleisha races with Team Boddie. The history of this street racing club is fascinating.

Although Team Boddie is new to many viewers of Street Outlaws, the club actually began back in the 1960s.

The location was the Bay View district of San Francisco, fast cars and street races were what Kenny Boddie did in a 1956 Buick Roadmaster. Both Kenny and brother Ronnie Boddie became local legends, racing a 1968 GTO, a 1968 Firebird, a 1968 Road Runner, a 1969 Charger, a 1970 Roadrunner, four 1955 Chevy’s, a 1963 Nova, and a black and blue 1968 Camaro.

Now the brothers Kenny and Ronnie have ten kids between them, and the racing genes passed down. Aleisha races for Jermaine Boddie.

Jermaine’s first racing car was a 1970 Nova and his dad gave him the prized 968 black and blue Camaro.

According to Boddie directly from his Facebook page:

In 2014, Boddie hosted his first annual grudge race, ‘No Excuses,’ which brought out drivers from all over California, and almost a thousand spectators. Soon, his immeasurable driving skills, good heart, and charismatic personality caught the attention of the hit television show Street Outlaws, on which he represented California with his Nova against Daddy Dave.

Boddie’s Discovery Channel debut was followed by a race against Birdman of Texas on the street racing television show House Of Grudge. In 2017, Boddie made a return appearance on the 2017 Season Finale of Street Outlaws as part of Team Cali.

Boddie, with his race team, Team Boddie Racing, continue to make a mark on the street and drag racing scenes. Now, each year, Team Boddie Racing is proud to welcome hundreds of racers and thousands of spectators to Team Boddie events scattered throughout the West Coast and beyond.

The bottom line is, Team Boddie events are where the fastest drivers in the country come to get it on! And, Team Boddie Racing is coming with a vengeance so, look for the Team Boddie logo and cars at a grudge race near you!

Here is a clip from last night’s matchup between Aleisha’s Team Boddie and Big Chief’s OKC crew:

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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