Al Roker opens up about ‘live streaming’ during hot mic moment in the bathroom

Al Roker on Today
Al Roker shared a funny hot mic story. Pic credit: ©

Al Roker is having a great time on Today. His 50th cameo was revealed today on the show.

Throughout the years, he has played cameos in 49 television shows and movies.

He is always trying to get roles and is open to almost anything. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Al spoke to Scarlet Johansson about her skincare line and the movie franchise Marvel.

He asked her if she was going to the movie studio and implied that he would like to join her for a role.

Viewers discovered that Al’s 50th cameo will be on Good Burger 2. He seemed excited to work with Kel Mitchell, who is reprising his role as Ed.

Al has been fortunate to play cameos in everything from cartoons to superhero movies.

Since he has his own entertainment company, AlRokerEnt, it helps that he is handy behind the camera, too. He shot a behind-the-scenes video of the set today, using these skills.

Al shares about a hot mic snafu while giving a glimpse of the Today Show set

Al started a live video on his Instagram early this morning. He showed how the set turns as they change segments. He was also calling out crew members by name and adding in if they were single.

In this fun video, Al spoke off the cuff about a funny happening several years prior. Al Roker has what he named “Rokerthons.” They are continuous weather reporting stunts where he attempts to break Guinness World Records.

The stunt in the story that he shares in this live video is from 2014. Al holds the world record for the longest uninterrupted live TV weather report. He lasted 34 hours.

During this Instagram video, Al called it a “live stream, baby!” This reminded him of the story, and he shared that on the first Rokerthon, they were streaming live on cable, the internet, and television.

Everything was recorded with sound for hours. He shared, “They didn’t realize that when I took my first bathroom break four hours in, they didn’t cut my mic on And when I came back, my audio [assistant] said, ‘We could hear you.'”

Savannah Guthrie, Al’s co-host, is featured in his video agreeing that the microphone picking up Al’s restroom break was “A real live streaming!’

Al Roker’s fans love his behind-the-scenes tour of the studio.

Al always has a great response to his social media posts. Al is beloved by everyone. Fans hang on to his every word.

Today, after he aired his behind-the-scenes tour that included the kitchen area, viewers couldn’t wait to tell him what they thought.

Fans of Al Roker on Instagram
Pic credit: @redjameson24/@parsons.jenn/@sanbird11/@lillie.carter76/Instagram

The fans wholeheartedly agree that Al puts on a good tour.

User @parsons.jenn said, “I loved this tour! Thanks, Al!! I’m watching right now!”

Another @sanbird11 agreed, “Love when you do BEHIND THE SCENES, very interesting! Thank you for doing this.”

User @lillie.carter67 piped up with a “This is amazing.” finally, @redjameson24 thanked him again and said in part, “You are my favorite weather person.”

Perhaps all this great feedback will spur Al to do even more fun behind-the-scenes videos for the viewers.

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