Al Roker jokes to Craig Melvin: ‘I’ve always wanted my head in your lap’

Al Roker from Today
Al Roker from Today. Pic Credit: NBC

Al Roker has been working for NBC and the Today show since 1996. He is the official weatherman of the show.

It is always a treat when he co-hosts Today Third Hour. He has excellent chemistry with the ladies, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer, and his buddy, co-host Craig Melvin.

Today, Al went behind the scenes to a candy factory, Joyva.

According to their website, they are a “fourth-generation family business that crafts tahini, halvah, and confections in Brooklyn, NY.”

Al did the typical tour where he tasted, looked, and helped create some candy.

He brought back samples to the show and spoke about how good it all was but warned that “this might be a little disturbing for you.”

‘It’s my head in halvah, ‘ Al shared with the group

Al had brought back the oddest thing. It was an Al Roker head-shaped pile of halvah, complete with his signature black glasses.

Halvah is a fudge-like candy made with sesame seeds.

Craig sauntered over to pick it up and joked, “It smells funny, though.”

Walking back to his seat, Craig sat the candy creation on his lap, causing Al to fire back at him, “I’ve always wanted my head in your lap.”

The whole studio burst out in laughter. Then, cutting to commercial, Craig wasn’t sure what would happen because he said, “If we come back,” in a setup for the next segment.

The entire clip can be seen below.

It is always a party of fun when Al decides to joke around

Al Roker constantly finds ways to be goofy and joke around and get reactions from his co-hosts. Al will do almost anything for a laugh.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Dylan Dreyer called him “gross” for eating shrimp chips on air recently, but Al was simply unbothered.

Another time, he called Craig up to do a hilarious “faux” weather report.

Al and Craig were both nominated in the Reader’s Poll as the sexiest man alive. Al made the cut for “sexiest grandpa,” and Craig made the cut for “sexiest reporter.”

Al Roker fans are glad he can still entertain on the Today show. He had a huge health scare last year and was off the show for two months.

It was revealed that he had complications from blood clots. Everyone was so thankful when he came back.

The Today show, in all its formats, is not the same without the lighthearted joker Al Roker.

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