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Aisling Bea: Who is actress who plays Kate on Living With Yourself?

Aisling Bea with Paul Rudd from Living with Yourself.
Aisling Bea with Paul Rudd from Living with Yourself. Pic credit: Netflix

Aisling Bea is making a name for herself in the Netflix breakout hit Living With Yourself. Even though she has already been in several films and shows, this one may make her a star.

In the series, Bea plays Kate, wife of Miles Elliott, who finds herself in a troubled marriage because her husband is depressed about his overwhelmed life. The result of his angst leads Miles to seek help from a spa referred to him by a coworker. Once he leaves, he feels like a whole new man– because he was cloned.

The show may further highlight Paul Rudd’s exceptional abilities to carry a comedy, but Bea is very much the talk of the town for Living with Yourself. For Netflix viewers who wish to know more about her, here is everything to know about Aisling Bea from the Netflix original series.

Who is Aisling Bea from Living with Yourself?

Some may already be familiar with the Netflix star, seeing that this isn’t her only claim to fame. Her IMDb profile reveals that she is also a stand-up comedian and writer.

Known for character roles in films like This Way Up, Bullet to the Heart, Hard Sun, and Gap Year, as well as many others, she may now become Hollywood’s new leading lady with the splash she made in Living With Yourself as Kate.

At 35, she may have finally gotten the break she deserves.

How did she decide she wanted to live life as an actress on the silver screen? Born on the Emerald Isle, it seems acting is something she always knew she wanted to do. She pursued this dream with a persistence that is paying off at The London Academy for Music and Dramatic Art. She has been steadily making a name for herself ever since.

A glance at her IMDb page shows that this woman knows how to make people laugh. 2012 brought her the first female win in 20 years at the Gilded Balloon Stand Up Competition. Two years later, she won the British Comedy Award for Best Female TV Comedian.

Chambers Management goes on to explain that she has been so popular when she performed at festivals that she had 4- and 5-star reviews coming out of her ears, with one of the festivals selling out almost as soon as the tickets went on sale.

Outside of comedy, Bea also played Nurse Sheridan for four episodes on the British and Irish partnered crime drama The Fall. The show is about a policewoman determined to catch the man terrorizing her city.

After its popularity on BBC, the Netflix streaming service picked it up.

Having already appeared on multiple television shows doing stand up, it is no surprise that she is conquering the streaming world one step at a time. It is highly doubtful that Living With Yourself is the only show she will find a leading role in on the Netflix streaming service.

More About Aisling Bea from Living with Yourself

Part of what probably made the life of a television personality so tempting for her is the thought of being able to have a name that means something when it comes to being able to take a stand on current vital issues.

According to an article from The Guardian in November 2017, Bea talked about one of the most critical issues of our time — mental health and suicide.

When Bea was very young, her father took his own life, which changed who she was forever. She didn’t find out the real cause of his death until a decade later.

The ferocious anger she faced during that time was only compounded by the fact that she looked very much like her father, and was told by nearly everyone how she was hilarious, just like he had been.

This fact made the reality that he died by suicide much harder for her to accept. Especially when she read the suicide note he left behind and saw he did not mention her at all.

It wasn’t until years later that some coworkers found a box full of photographs of her. She began to realize that someone taking their own life has more layers than what you see on the surface, and she began to try to understand.

On top of this, another of her comedy fathers Robin Williams took his own life. But the more she began to study suicide, the more her understanding of her father evolved to acceptance and grace.

In a note that she wrote to him, she said, “Then again, if you hadn’t died, I probably wouldn’t have been mad enough to become a clown for a living.”

For those who are interested in following Aisling Bea’s journey, fans can find out what she has planned next on her website. You can find her on Twitter @weemissbea and Instagram and Facebook under Aisling Bea.

A glance at her social media profiles conveys that she approaches all of life with the same genuine heart that she displays behind the camera.

Living with Yourself is now streaming on Netflix.

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