Aggressive Sasquatch encounter captured on camera by Finding Bigfoot team

Finding Bigfoot's Matt Moneymaker celebrates after capturing the encounter on camera
Finding Bigfoot’s Matt Moneymaker celebrates after capturing the encounter on camera

The Finding Bigfoot team have captured an aggressive night-time encounter with a Sasquatch on camera.

The incident took place while filming this week’s Four Corners episode of the Animal Planet show, which sees the team head to the famed area where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet.

The crew capture the confrontation while filming at night next to a river where they pick up thermal imagery of what they believe to be a Sasquatch on the opposite bank.

Due to the distance and the fact Cliff Barackman can see it through his camera from so far away points at its huge size.

While filming they then suddenly hear a large splash in the water, which they think was a rock thrown from the other side of the river.

Barackman decides to test the creature by throwing more rocks in the river in a bid to get a response. And they are stunned when shortly after they throw one in, another larger one is thrown from the opposite bank in return.

Several members of the team witness the splash, and the cameras pick up audio of the impact it makes when it’s thrown in the river — indicating that the rock was a large one.

Matt Moneymaker is then seen celebrating after capturing the recording, before radioing through to other members of the crew saying: “There’s one here!”

This week’s Finding Bigfoot episode is not the first time the team have been to the Four Corners, and also sees them talk to previous witnesses who have new stories of Bigfoot sightings — including one woman who reports seeing one the previous night.

While their first expedition came in the height of the winter, this visit — which occurred during summer — proves much more fruitful…

Finding Bigfoot airs Sundays at 9/8c on Animal Planet.

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