Adrian Grenier wants you to stop sucking straws and save the oceans

Adrian Grenier on Desus & Mero
Entourage star Adrian Grenier talks to Desus & Mero about the harm caused by plastic straws

Adrian Grenier was on Desus & Mero last night where he asked his fans and people everywhere to “stop sucking”.

Single-use straws, that is.

The star of HBO’s Entourage is also a UN environmental ambassador and spoke with the Viceland Bronx duo about the path to becoming “environmentally woke”.

Desus offered him an iced coffee and said: “No straw, I’m saying…you’re against straws. What’s up with that?”

Grenier said: “So we use 500 million single-use plastic straws in this country, not every year [but] every single day. I mean half a billion every single day.

“That’s the equivalent of a whole garbage truck filled with plastic straws every minute…”

Desus asked: “How long does it take to break down?”

The grim reality was laid out by Grenier.

Grenier said: “Not in your lifetime. Not in your kid’s lifetime. Not your grandkid’s lifetime, not your great grandkid’s. [In] 500+ years it marine degrades, it photodegrades — so it becomes tinier and tinier pieces of plastic.”

The actor also laid out the frightening enormity of this worldwide problem, and told how humans are ingesting microplastic that fish are eating — which is highly toxic.

Grenier added: “So what’s happening is 10 million tons of plastic is making its way into the ocean every year and then it’s just becoming these little tiny microplastics and basically creating this toxic soup.

“So in 25 years, there’s going to be more plastic in the ocean than fish, right? So we got to do something about it.”

Explaining his solution, Grenier said: “So how do we tackle this 10 million tons of plastic? We have a solution.

“Let’s start with single-use plastic straw. We’re asking people to stop sucking.”

Desus & Mero airs Monday through Thursdays at 11pm on Viceland

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