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Adele, Amy Winehouse and Christine Aguilera spotlighted on Soundbreaking

Adele singing in a music video, in profile
Adele, Amy Winehouse and Christine Aguilera spotlighted on Soundbreaking

This episode of Soundbreaking looks at what makes a really standout vocal track, examining the work of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Christine Aguilera.

You can be a great singer with amazing technique but still not seem to hit that sweet spot, that thing that makes a vocal track jump out of the song and connect with the listener.

The voice is the greatest of all instruments and because we all have one it is the sound that connects the most with us emotionally. But for that to happen the vocalist needs some authenticity, we have the believe they are vulnerable or that they really have just had their heart broken.

Listening  to Adele singing any of the songs of 21 or the late Amy Winehouse singing Rehab or Back to Black, you just know they are singing about their own experiences.

Soundbreaking includes lots of footage from in the recording studios featuring some of the greatest vocalist of all time.

Watch Soundbreaking – The Human Instrument at 10 PM on PBS.

James Wray

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