Adan Canto honored in The Cleaning Lady Season 3 premiere, two months after his death

Adan Canto on The Cleaning Lady
The Cleaning Lady paid tribute to Adan Canto. Pic credit: FOX

When news of Adan Canto’s death broke in January, The Cleaning Lady was already well into production on its third season.

At the time of Canto’s death, it was revealed that he had stepped away from the FOX drama before filming commenced.

The plan was originally to bring the actor back as Arman Morales during the latter half of the season.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 got underway on Tuesday evening on FOX, and much to the fans’ surprise, Arman was present for one of the opening scenes.

He was caught up in a shootout, but before fans saw whether the character perished, Thony (Elodie Yung) and Nadia (Eva De Dominici) had to leave the scene.

There’s no telling whether that signals the end of the road for Arman or if the series plans to reveal he escaped from the situation unscathed down the line to safety.

The official trailer for The Cleaning Lady Season 3 teases Arman’s demise

What we do know is that the official trailer for the season ahead showcases Nadia crying as a body bag is zipped up, seemingly hinting that her one-time love did indeed perish during the shootout.

Then again, that’s a pretty big spoiler to give pre-season, so there’s a chance this storyline will take a completely different direction.

The series won’t be the same without Canto, who quickly earned a legion of fans for portraying a crook with a soft spot for Thony.

The season premiere wrapped up with a tribute card that read, “This season is dedicated to our beloved friend Adan Canto.”

The Cleaning Lady premiere did an excellent job of paying tribute to Canto

It is unclear where the show will go next regarding Arman’s storyline, but the premiere did a decent enough job of at least planting the seeds for his exit.

It’s tricky to write out such a prominent character off-screen because it will have such a profound impact on everyone else, and frankly, the show faces an uphill battle because Canto was one of the biggest draws on the series.

The Cleaning Lady wasn’t his first big show, having appeared on Narcos and Designated Survivor.

FOX and Warner Bros. Television shared a statement in January, following the actor’s death from appendiceal cancer at 42 years old, in which they called him “a wonderful actor and dear friend.”

“We were honored to have him as part of the Warner Bros. Television and Fox Entertainment families since his U.S. debut in The Following more than a decade ago.”

“Most recently, he lit up the screen in The Cleaning Lady with a powerful performance that showcased his artistry, range, depth, and vulnerability.

“This is an unfathomable loss, and we grieve alongside his wife Stephanie, their children and loved ones. We will miss Adan dearly,” the statement concludes.

The Cleaning Lady airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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