Actor Michael Madsen restores 1964 Ford Mustang on Counting Cars

1964 Ford Mustang Convertable
Michael Masden is a big fan of Mustangs, above is a 1964 convertible (not in show)

This week on Counting Cars,  actor Michael Madsen decides to restore a 1964 Ford Mustang and XYZ makes an appearance.

The Hateful Eight actor Michael Madsen is no stranger to classic cars, having been behind the wheel of dozens in the many movies he’s made.

1964 was the first year of production for the Ford Mustang and it’s unique styling proved an instant hit with buyers. It was available as a hardtop, fastback and convertible and remained in production until the oil crisis of 1973.

Many of the parts were from the Ford Falcon but the Mustang had a body of all of its own, a shorter wheelbase and lower seating and height. It came with a stright six engine or a V8.

See how Madsen gets on with his project on this Car Week special edition.

Also on this episode, Danny creates a very special custom video-gaming ride out of a El Camino and checks out a 1936 Auburn that could be worth a small fortune.

Counting Cars airs on Sundays at 10:00 PM on History.

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