Abira Greene: What to know about her kids, net worth and more

Abira Green on Little Women: Atlanta
Abira has been around for a few seasons now on Little Women: Atlanta but lately she’s been getting a lot of screen time. Pic credit: Lifetime

Abira Greene is currently appearing in her third season of Little Women: Atlanta after making her debut during Season 3 of the Lifetime series. Initially, she was brought on as a friend of Tanya Scott, who hasn’t appeared at all during Season 5.

Though she’s still listed as a recurring cast member, that hasn’t stopped Abira from taking a front and center role on the series as she works to make her mark on the hip hop world.

Abira has been putting in the effort when it comes to making her music dreams come true and landing a deal with the Street Execs and this has led many Little Women: Atlanta viewers to want to know more about her.

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Abira Greene bio

While she’s made a name for herself on Little Women: Atlanta, Abira Greene is actually from Tampa, Florida. Prior to reality TV, Abira worked as an exotic dancer and went by the name “Fire”. Now, she is working to break into hip hop and goes by Lil Vee (as in Vicious).

Booking Lil Vee aka Fire

The 33-year old Abira is a little person and has previously shared that her type of dwarfism is called Achondroplasia.

Abira Greene’s kids

In addition to being a reality TV star, a dancer and a rapper, Abira is also a mother. She has four children, Jazper, Terbira, J-Henry and Phebe. Three of Abira’s children are not little people while Phebe is.

Phebe verison of wip/nae nae

Abira Greene’s net worth

When it comes to Abira’s net worth, not much is known. However, with multiple income streams coming from television appearances, dancing and her blossoming music career, we can imagine that Abira is doing pretty well for herself.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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