Abby Lee Miller’s return to Dance Moms sparks mutiny among mothers

Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms
Abby Lee Miller during her unexpected return to the ALDC studio on this week’s Dance Moms

Several of the mothers on Dance Moms threaten to walk out this week — after a mutiny erupts when Abby Lee Miller makes a surprise return to her studio.

Abby — currently serving a 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud — has been absent from the series in recent weeks because it was filmed while she was dealing with her legal issues before her sentencing.

But on tonight’s episode she returns unexpectedly, leaving the moms threatening to walk out over her actions surrounding top choreographer Laurieann Gibson — who was brought in after Abby left.

Jill Vertes is one of the ringleaders of the mutiny as she says in an interview: “If she ran Laurieann Gibson out then she runs us out too.”

The episode also sees Ashlee Allen make a decision which leaves the group stunned, while Chloe Lukasiak dances in front of Abby for the first time in two years after she and her mom Christi previously left the show.

But she struggles with not having her old teammates around.

Chloe and Christi today recorded a Facebook live giving their take on some of the big scenes in the latest episodes, and answering questions from fans. Watch it below:

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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