Abby Lee Miller update: Former Dance Moms star shares chemotherapy latest, catches some sun

Abby Lee Miller shares an update with fans on Instagram.
Abby Lee Miller shares an update with fans on Instagram. Pic credit: Abby Lee Miller/Instagram

Abby Lee Miller’s release from prison was supposed to be a joyous moment for her. After all, she was finally going to be free and had just lost a bunch of weight.

Abby was looking fantastic and ready to get back to life. Unfortunately, the former Dance Moms star got even worse news than prison almost as soon as she got to her halfway house in Long Beach, California.

Abby was released from the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in mid-March, months earlier than expected, but she wasn’t quite free yet. Instead, Abby was expected to head to the halfway house, where she would spend the next few months getting ready for freedom.

The former Dance Moms star wasn’t in Long Beach for long before PEOPLE reported that she’d had a major medical emergency and was hospitalized. What was thought to be a thyroid condition turned out to be Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of cancer.

Soon after having emergency spinal surgery and learning of her illness, Abby Lee Miller began to receive aggressive chemotherapy treatment in order to put the cancer in remission and save her life. So far, she’s been sharing a lot about her treatment and how it has been affecting her.

Most recently, Abby Lee Miller shared that she started round three of chemo on Friday. Despite that, she still managed to get outside and enjoy the great weather. Abby shared a picture from her outing as well as the update, letting her fans know that she is still in good spirits and expects to win this battle.

“Happy Friday!!! I should be planning a weekend of fun in the sun at the pool!” Abby wrote. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than swimming and a good tan! Instead, I start round 3 of chemo……… another battle that I must win!!!”

This is great news for Abby Lee fans, who were heartbroken to learn about her latest battle. It certainly didn’t help to learn that she was stuck in the hospital and receiving treatment on Mother’s Day, rather than enjoying her freedom and putting her dance company back together.

Last week it was revealed that Abby Lee Miller had just two chemotherapy sessions left to complete her treatment. With news that she was receiving another on Friday, this means she should be down to her last treatment soon.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the cancer is gone yet and doctors will have to do a scan to be sure. However, this is one step closer to regaining her health and her life. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the former Dance Moms star.

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