AB Quintanilla: Who was his first wife Vangie?

Selena's brother, A.B. Quintanilla
A.B. Quintanilla was Selena’s older brother. Pic credit: Selena Clips/YouTube

A.B. Quintanilla was the older brother of the Mexican-American model, actress, and Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla.

Selena’s life is the focus of Netflix’s Selena: The Series, which premiered on the streaming platform on December 4.

Selena (Christian Serratos) was the youngest child of Marcella and Abraham Quintanilla.  Selena’s older siblings were A.B. Quintanilla (Gabriel Chavarria) and sister Suzette Quintanilla (Noemi Gonzalez).

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Who is A.B. Quintanilla?

A.B. Quintanilla was born in 1963 in Toppenish, Washington. He is a producer, songwriter, and singer who played bass guitar for Selena y Los Dinos.

Selena y Los Dinos included A.B.’s sisters Selena and Suzette, their father Abraham Quintanilla Jr., and Selena’s husband, Chris Perez.

A.B. Quintanilla also helped Selena write several of her hit songs, including Baila Esta Cumbia, Como la Flor, and Amor Prohibido.

He is also known for his work on the soundtracks of Fast & Furious (2009), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), and Selena (1997).

Vangie was A.B. Quintanilla’s first wife

Vangie, whose full name was Evangelina “Vangie” Almeida, was A.B. Quintanilla’s first wife.

In Netflix’s Selena: The Series, A.B. first saw Vangie while performing at a club. But A.B.’s dad, Abraham, intervened and prevented the pair from hooking up.

However, Vangie and A.B. met up later at another club, and soon, she ended up pregnant with A.B.’s child.

Vangie and A.B. Quintanilla tied the knot in 1988 in Corpus Christi, Texas. A.B. was 24 years old when he and Vangie Married, a year before Selena released her self-titled debut studio album.

In a recent interview, he revealed that when he first met Vangie in the ’80s, they were still growing their career and weren’t yet a very famous and successful group.

The family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, in the early ’80s after suffering bankruptcy and formed Selena y Los Dinos.

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Vangie and A.B. share two children

Vangie and A.B. shared two children, Svani (born in 1991) and Gianni (born in 2000).

The couple divorced in 2000, five years after Selena’s tragic death.

A.B. married multiple times after he divorced Vangie. He married actress Heather Grein (2002), Brenda Ramirez (2004), Rikkie Leigh Robertson (2011), and Angela Quintanilla (2019).

What is Vangie doing now?

Vangie has an Instagram account, but it is currently set to private.

We don’t know much about Vangie’s private life. However, Women’s Health Magazine reports that after she divorced A.B., she had another daughter, Alana.

Selena: The Series is currently streaming on Netflix

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