A new romance developing on Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch

Zoey (Kyana Teresa) and Joy (Katherine Barell)
Zoey (Kyana Teresa) and Joy (Katherine Barell) were all smiles when they met on Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch Pic credit: Crown Media

Last week, Hallmark Channel surprised fans of the show, Good Witch, with an appearance by former series regular Bailee Madison.

During The Delivery, her character Grace Russell popped in for a FaceTime chat with her mother, Cassie (Catherine Bell).

But it was a budding romance between one of the show’s key characters and a friendly firefighter that had some fans talking.

While helping Stephanie (Kylee Evans) with a renovation, Joy (Katherine Barrell) got her arm stuck in a wall.

She was rescued by a firefighter named Zoey, (Kyana Teresa) and the two immediately began trading quips and shy glances.

If there was any doubt as to whether this was a romantic setup, Hallmark Channel laid it to rest with a tweet that read, “Sparks are starting to fly between Joy @KatBarrell and Zoey @KyanaTeresa. We can’t wait to see what happens next! #Goodies.”

Fans rejoice

Some fans took to social media to express their approval of the new storyline. In response to Hallmark’s tweet, one wrote, “yes!!! My little gay heart has waited so long for this..I’ve been a fan from day one…and this makes me so happy!”

A fan applauds the new romance between Joy (Katherine Barrell) and Zoey (Kyana Teresa) on Hallmark Channel's Good Witch.
A fan applauds the new romance between Joy (Katherine Barrell) and Zoey (Kyana Teresa) on Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch Pic credit: @ORNurseHynda/Twitter

Barrell became a member of the Good Witch cast during Season 6. Her character, Joy Harper, moved to town and won a bid to renovate the mayor’s mansion. It was soon revealed that her mother, who died when she was a child, was a cousin of Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell). Like Cassie, Joy has magical abilities.

In a tweet, actress Kyana Teresa (Zoey) praised the Hallmark Channel for being inclusive. She wrote, “Thank you everyone on the #GoodWitch team for an amazing intro episode. Thank you @Hallmarkchannel for showing diversity & inclusion on screen. Thank you @KatBarrell for being a perfect scene partner. Thank you #Goodies for the love. We will not let you down. #loveislove.”

Actress Kyana Teresa praises Hallmark Channel in a tweet for its new story line featuring a same-sex romance on its series Good Witch..
The newest member of the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch, Kyana Teresa, praised the network for being inclusive Pic credit: @KyanaTeresa/Twitter

Other story lines

Previews for this week’s episode, The Exchange, do not show scenes between Joy and Zoey, but they do tease at several other story lines, including Joy’s recurring dreams about a mysterious symbol she made as a child.

Also, Abigail (Sarah Power) confides in Cassie about a plan Donovan (Marc Bendavid) has to back an ad agency she wants to start.

When Cassie asks her if the arrangement makes her uncomfortable, Abigail says, “Stubbing my toe is uncomfortable. This is unbearable.”

Stephanie (Kylee Evans) continues to flirt with Sean (Jeff Roop), her new French teacher, even inviting him to a speed-dating event she is holding at the bistro. And finally, Sam suffers an injury during a one-on-one game of basketball.

Good Witch airs on Hallmark Channel Sundays at 9/8c.

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