A Million Little Things recap: Everything we learned from the season finale

Delilah and her children at Jon's funeral
Delilah Dixon and her children are still mourning Jon. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things took viewers by storm. Watching the events unfold after Jon’s (Ron Livingston) suicide opened up conversations about relationships in life and secrets kept from even the best of friends.

As the season progressed, the mystery unfolded. Jon wasn’t who everyone thought he was at all. Who is Barbara Morgan, and why was she left as the beneficiary alongside Rome (Romany Malco), Gary (James Roday), and Eddie (David Giuntoli)?

Now that Season 1 of A Million Little Things is over, viewers will have to wait until the fall to see where the story is headed. Season 2 was recently confirmed, leaving imaginations to run wild as fans discuss these revelations from the season finale.

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Eddie and Katherine are not divorced

After what seemed like a bombshell revelation had torn them apart, Eddie and Katherine (Grace Park) appeared to be working things out. They both signed the papers, and it looked like they were going to go their separate ways.

In a surprise turn of events, both revealed that they wanted to remain together. This could be good news, except for the fact that Eddie is the father of Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) baby.

As the finale faded away, Eddie told Katherine there was something she needed to know. The baby bombshell is about to come out and lives will be forever altered.

Gary and Maggie

She is in remission! Maggie (Allison Miller) was worried she wouldn’t make it after her breast cancer came back. Gary guilted her into doing treatment, and the news came back that she is cancer free.

Last week, Gary met Maggie’s mom Patricia (Melora Hardin), and it wasn’t good at first. Now, it looks like the two will be seeing more of each other as the couple took the next step and moved in together following her good news.

Barbara Morgan

Drea de Matteo was revealed to be Barbara Morgan. After months of mystery surrounding who she was, it was finally made known. She was in love with his roommate from college, Dave. Jon had missed his flight with Dave, and the plane crashed.

She was pregnant with Dave’s child when he died. Jon’s final exchange with Barbara Morgan was heated, and that caused them to disconnect. He felt guilty about what happened to Dave all along, and just before he died, he sent Barbara Morgan a message.

The backstory on how Delilah and Jon met was also tied into the Barbara Morgan connection. They met the same day he saw Barbara Morgan for the last time. While her son will never know who Dave was, Jon wanted to make sure Barbara and her son were taken care of to make amends.

Sophie’s name significance

Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) didn’t appear to have huge significance throughout Season 1 of A Million Little Things. Now, viewers know that her name has a specific meaning. Sophie was the name of the flight attendant who blocked Jon from getting on the plane with Dave after he was late to the gate.

Jon was mad at that moment, but she saved his life. Sophie is the name chosen for his daughter, another piece in the puzzle that is Jon Dixon.

Rome and Regina

Could kids be in the forecast for Rome and Regina (Christina Moses)? It was pretty clear they were not going to have kids at the beginning of the season, but things may have changed. Ever since Rome interacted with Sophie in a fatherly role, he has been noticing more children as he plugs along.

He admitted he wants to raise a child with Regina but that is not something she wants. Will this be the end of their marriage?

Delilah goes into labor

Even though it is early, Delilah went into labor. She was roughly 36 weeks pregnant as she mentioned earlier in the season finale that the baby would arrive in four weeks. What will happen with the baby?

A Million Little Things returns in fall 2019.

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