A ‘ghetto-ass ho’? Niecy’s club brawl on Being Mary Jane

Niecy is told she is a ghetto-ass hoe thinking she is "all that" for flaunting some cash tonight
Niecy is told she is a ghetto-ass hoe thinking she is “all that” for flaunting some cash tonight

Uh oh, what has Niecy gotten herself into? On the new Being Mary Jane on BET tonight, Mary Jane and PJ are homesick while Niecy’s physical skirmish inside a club has some serious consequences.

Niecy throws down hard at the woman who gets in her face and calls her a “ghetto-ass ho” because Niecy “has a few dollars to throw around”. The woman gets her wig snatched clean off by Niecy, who must be restrained.

Raven Tyshanna Goodwin is cast as Niecy Patterson, one of the series’ underdog favorites as Mary Jane’s struggling niece. She’s a young single mother with a weight problem and a loser baby daddy.

On a show about fit, polished, educated and successful women, Niecy lives at the other end of the spectrum.

Niecy is continually navigating a rocky path as a single mother living with her grandparents, and now has a small windfall that was the result of a settlement over her experience with police brutality.

But in the teaser for this week, the new-found cash-flow for Niecy creates the confrontation at the club.

Meanwhile, veteran lead anchor Ronda Sales (Valarie Pettiford) has revealed her true colors as she was the one who hired the man who got MJ fired from CNN — Justin Talbot (Michael Ealy), now a senior producer of Great Day USA.

He’s a major fly in the ointment for Mary Jane, hampering her new position as a web correspondent in New York. The friction with Justin grows as she pursues the story of a teen boy beaten for wearing a skirt.

But Niecy continues to be a ratchety mess.

In past episodes, we saw her collect her settlement check from the case against the police who assaulted her during a traffic stop.

Using help from her loser baby daddy Dante to finalize her settlement, Niecy makes yet another poor decision and foregoes creating an education trust for her kids and instead cashes out — using the dough to buy an overpriced Hyundai. Really overpriced!

The club scene sees Niecy’s violent reaction to some women who taunts her for flaunting her sudden windfall. The wig is subsequently snatched!

In another scene tonight, Kara’s new ballplayer boyfriend requires some coaching in the lovemaking department, as Mary Jane struggles with Lee’s (Chiké Okonkwo) decidedly British POV and overall demeanor.

Here in this exclusive clip, Mary Jane counsels a teary Niecy on her life and actions, assuring her she still has her family after the club incident:

Being Mary Jane airs on BET Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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