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A demon hell-bent on harming a family on A Haunting

Demon in A Haunting
Not what you want to see at the bottom of the bath, a family is tormented by a demon in A Haunting

On this episode of A Haunting, a demon terrorises a family and targets them one at a time.

This family appear to the be victims of an evil spirit or demon that has somehow made it into their home, each member is approached on their own.

Youngest daughter Danine is in the bath when a weird and shadowy figure appears at the foot of the bath.

At first she is frozen with fear but as the shadow coalesces into an evil looking face she suddenly screams.  Her older sister is already banging on the door, but will she get to her on time?

Watch A Haunting – Back From the Dead: Demons Never Die at 8 PM on TLC and catch Kindred Spirits right after.

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