60 Days In: Jail horrors take toll as two participants on verge of quitting

Brian discusses his fears over inmates knowing who he is on tonight's 60 Days In
Brian discusses his fears over inmates knowing who he is on tonight’s 60 Days In

On tonight’s 60 Days In on A&E, two of the eight participants are on the verge of dropping out after life in jail quickly starts to take its toll.

Attorney Brian, from the Department of Corrections Legal Affairs’ Prosecution Team, fears the other inmates know who he is and that his life could be in danger.

Footage from the episode sees him being asked: “You want out?”

The reality of life behind bars also tests another participant to the limit, leaving them on the verge of quitting the program as well.

Former maximum-security corrections officer Sheri is finding that maintaining control amid the chaos of prison life is harder than she had expected.

She says: “My basis for coming in here was that I’d help the sheriff see things, but I’m just going to end up taking someone’s skull and just going crazy.”

Meanwhile, retired State Police Captain Quintin fears someone could easily end up dead without wardens even knowing about it.

After seeing a man collapse, he says: “This man could die on the floor before anyone outside that pod knew that he was dead.”

The episode, titled Hazed and Confused, sees inmates taking part in the practice of ‘hazing’ while violence and the use of drugs also come to the fore.

The eight participants are taking part in a program under the watch of Sheriff Jamey Noel.

In it they go undercover in Clark County Jail, Indiana, to try and help clean it up by identifying how drugs and other contraband is finding its way inside.

Watch the preview of tonight’s 60 Days In below.

60 Days In preview

60 Days In airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

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