24: Legacy recap: Drug money, treachery & police stand-offs in Episode 2

Eric Carter in 24: Legacy
Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) talking with Ingram about a plan to rob the police evidence locker

24: Legacy wasted no time at all in picking the action back up from the premier episode.

Having lost track of Ben Grimes, Eric works with Ingram and a CTU hacker in order to try and get a fresh trace on him.

Meanwhile Ingram is trying to figure out who the traitor is and asks current CTU director Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) for his access codes. Mullins somewhat reluctantly agrees to provide them.

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There appears to be two plots running alongside each other here. One at a school, which involves Amira Dubayev (Katherine Prescott) and a school teacher. They seem to have a plan, which involves some kind of bomb.

The second plot involves Khalid’s son Hamid (Zeeko Zacki) who is at odds with Kusuma (Laith Nakli). Kusuma wants to launch an attack, while Hamid would rather recover the USB drive in order to activate all the terrorist cells.

Back at CTU Ingram is still in communication with Eric who has just patched them into a call with Ben Grimes who is demanding $2million in exchange for the USB Drive.

Knowing that the government cannot come up with those funds at such short notice, Eric calls his brother Isaac for information about a recent police bust which saw them seize $4million in drug money.

Ingram and Eric then hatch a plot to steal the money from the police evidence locker.

Back at Senator Donavon’s camp things are not looking good. Donavon’s father (Gerald McRainy) has learned of a news story from the opposing campaign.

The news item strongly suggests that Donavon’s campaign manager Nilaa (Sheila Vand) was a member of a mosque which publicly endorsed terrorist acts on American soil.

Ingram at a computer
Ingram (Miranda Otto) uncovers information about the CTI, FBI and CIA mole

At CTU Ingram has come across the same information, but does not have time to act on it because Mullins has been released thanks to new analyst Mariana Stiles (Coral Pena) who is suspicous about Ingram.

This sudden turn of events messes things up for Eric who is cut off from CTU right in the middle of robbing the evidence locker.

Stranded and pinned down by the police ,Eric is angry as hell and shouting at the camera while Mullins at CTU watches on.

Questions we were left asking

This episode was full of surprises, but once again left us with a few interesting questions…

  • First off, will Mullins do the right thing and help Eric? If only to bring him in for a debrief?
  • Second, what’s with bomb plot at the school and does it have any connection at all to Khalid?
  • Thirdly, is Nilaa really the leak or just a convenient red herring?

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX

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