2 Broke Girls: Caroline takes on arm-wrestling bouncer to save business

Caroline takes on Big Reba in this week's 2 Broke Girls
Caroline takes on Big Reba, played by Dot-Marie Jones, in this week’s 2 Broke Girls

On 2 Broke Girls this week, Max and Caroline have their plans to attract high-end clients to their dessert bar thwarted — when an ARM-WRESTLING team decide to become regulars.

When Max makes friends with a burly bouncer Big Reba (played by 15-time world arm-wrestling champion Dot-Marie Jones in a guest-starring role), the muscled brute turns up with arm-wrestling team in tow.

And Caroline is beside herself when the team start having arm-wrestling competitions on a table at the Williamsburg Diner. It even results in Caroline having to take on Big Reba herself to save their business.

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Meanwhile there’s also a hilarious scene where Han Lee tries to hide a stool from Earl — pretty unsuccessfully.

Also in this week’s episode, titled And the 80’s Movie, Max and Randy are still texting each other. And things get funny when she can’t think of any more racy messages to send him, so Oleg says he’ll write them for him.

2 Broke Girls kicked off for Season 6 last week and it’s already proving to be one of the funniest seasons yet.

2 Broke Girls airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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