10-year-old boy pitches his business on Shark Tank

Jack, 10, making his pitch to the sharks on this week's episode of Shark Tank
Jack, 10, making his pitch to the sharks on this week’s episode of Shark Tank

On tonight’s Shark Tank on ABC, the sharks get pitched by one of their youngest ever entrepreneurs — 10-year-old Jack Bonneau.

Jack first got into business aged eight when he set up his own lemonade stand to raise money to buy a Lego Death Star.

And in the past two years he has gone on to develop his business into Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces, which aims to provide other kids with the means to operate their own lemonade stands and learn about business.

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As well as the founder, he is also the CEO. The business helps set up stands for other youngsters in farmers markets, doing all the paperwork and providing them with their own stands and lemonade.

Then kids get to go about selling lemonade and going about learning about making profits without any of the hassles.

They also provide the option to sell more than just lemonade, including products made by other young entrepreneurs.

Jack, from Denver, Colorado, says: “We provide everything, except their mood and their enthusiasm.”

Jack and his dad Steve appear on ABC’s Shark Tank in a bid to secure $50,000 investment to grow the business, in exchange for 10 per cent of the company.

They want to expand across the country and turn Jack’s Stands and Marketplaces into a money-making machine.

After explaining the back story about how he first got into business, Jack then tells them exactly what his business does and how he hopes to grow it.

He and his dad are full of confidence as they make their pitch on Shark Tank, with the pair asking the sharks: “Our challenge and question to you is, ‘who wants to make money’?”

Amazingly, Jack isn’t the youngest ever entrepreneur to appear on Shark Tank — after six-year-old Kiowa Kavovit won $100,000 investment for her Boo Boo Goo waterproof paint-on bandages in 2014.

Watch a clip of Jack and his dad making their pitch below.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 9/8c on ABC.

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