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‘You’ve Been Meghan Markled’: Urban dictionary adds the Duchess of Sussex’s name as a new verb

Meghan (Meghan Markle), Duchess of Sussex at WellChild Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel.
Meghan Markle has inspired a new term for the Urban Dictionary. Pic credit: © Media

Urban dictionary, the popular online lexicon of slang, has added a new verb “Meghan Markled,” based on the name of the Duchess of Sussex.

“You’ve been Meghan Markled” means that you’ve been “dumped” or “ditched” by someone after you are no longer of any use to them. It means to cut off former friends, relatives or acquaintances from your life after you’ve taken a step up the social ladder.

According to the popular Urban Dictionary, Meghan Markle is:

Verb for ghosting or disposing people once you have no use or benefit from them anymore without any regard to genuine human relationship.

Examples of the use of the term in a sentence include:

Do not Meghan Markle me when your movie comes out!

She did a Meghan Markle on her friends as soon as she became famous.

Mary did a Meghan Markle on her poor husband as soon as she became famous.

She Meghan Markled her sisters from the Bronx.

Urban dictionary’s verb definition of the name of the Duchess of Sussex will likely upset the Duchess of Sussex and her fans, but she is known to have dropped all contact with some close relatives and friends since she married Prince Harry and became a member of the Royal Family.

Markle cut ties with her 74-year-old father Thomas Markle after he released embarrassing photos, published a personal letter she sent him and gave TV interviews she disapproved of.

Markle is also said to have dropped previously close friends out of her life. She reportedly cut ties with her childhood friend Ninaki Priddy. She and Ninaki were said to be very close before she met and married Prince Harry.

It is believed that Priddy was Markled because she disapproved when Meghan ended her first marriage to Trevor Engelson.

Made in Chelsea star Millie Macintosh was also reportedly Meghan Markled. It is claimed that Mackintosh hasn’t been  in contact with Meghan since she married Prince Harry.

Markle and Mackintosh used to be close friends and it was widely speculated that she would be one of Meghan’s bridesmaids, but she wasn’t even invited to the royal wedding.

Others who claim they’ve been Markled by Meghan include Piers Morgan. Morgan met Meghan when she was a member of the cast of the popular legal drama Suits. But he soon found to his dismay, that he had also been Markled.

Prince Harry is also said to have Markled some of his old friends, including Tom Inskip.

But Meghan has not Markled all close friends from her former life. She is still known to be close to the make-up artist Daniel Martin, tennis star Serena Williams, and the stylist Jessica Mulroney.

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