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YouTube Rewind 2018 sucks, according to A LOT of fans

The YouTube Rewind 2018 hasn't been too popular among viewers. Pic credit: YouTube
The YouTube Rewind 2018 hasn’t been too popular among viewers. Pic credit: YouTube

The YouTube Rewind 2018 has been viewed more than 31 million times now but not everyone is happy with it. It’s already been pointed out that many of the biggest YouTube moments over the past year have been seemingly ignored.

For those who haven’t experienced the YouTube Rewind in the past, it’s a video recap produced each year by YouTube and Portal A Interactive. Every year they put together clips from the most popular YouTube stars and some of the biggest moments on the streaming service to highlight the biggest and most memorable things that happened.

Well, except this year.

Many of the most memorable people and moments were left out of YouTube Rewind 2018. It was quickly pointed out that while Will Smith kicked off the video and Fortnite was featured, the forces behind the annual recap left out the likes of Shane Dawson, who has amassed more than 19 million followers and whose series’ of Jake Paul and Jeffree Star videos easily averaged more than 20 million views each.

Another YouTube Rewind 2018 snub would certainly be all of the controversy surrounding Logan Paul. The uber-popular YouTuber sparked more than backlash when he posted a video of an actual suicide victim while hiking through Japan’s Aokigahara forest, also known as “Suicide Forest.”

Parents everywhere are probably sick of hearing Johnny Johnny Yes Papa or Baby Shark but it’s undeniable that both childrens’ songs took over YouTube in 2018. Baby Shark does make a brief appearance in the video but Johnny Johnny is nowhere to be seen.  They did manage to shine a spotlight in the surge in popularity for K-Pop and groups like BTS who broke YouTube streaming records in 2018.

The Verge even criticized the YouTube Rewind 2018, saying that YouTube chose to spotlight certain stars and to ignore others in an effort to “appease advertisers.” It looks like they aren’t the only ones who are disappointed in this year’s video.

With just 1 million likes on the video, the YouTube community and those who are glued to the ‘Tube have spoken and they think the YouTube Rewind 2018 sucks as evidenced by the 2.3 million dislikes that the annual recap has garnered in less than 24 hours.

And while the YouTube Rewind 2018 is the #1 video on YouTube right now, the people are speaking out on social media to further prove that it has been a major disappointment this year.

So while 2018 was a huge year for YouTube and the internet stars who make it great, many were left off. In their places, many mainstream stars and watered down content seemed to make the cut and that has a lot of people really disappointed in the YouTube Rewind 2018.

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