YAAAS: What is the meaning of meal in Burger King commercial?

YAAAS: What is the meaning of meal in Burger King commercial?
Burger King Real Meals promotes the feeling of YAAAS. Pic credit: Burger King

This week, Burger King announced new Real Meals, which some people online have referred to as the Unhappy Meals. However, one of the new meals has people confused and asking what YAAAS means in the Burger King campaign.

First up, Burger King sells Real Meals in partnership with Mental Health America in an effort to bring attention to mental health issues.

What are the 5 Burger King Real Meals?

There are five meals in the campaign and a commercial was released explaining the campaign — the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal, and DGAF Meal.

Everyone knows what it means to be Pissed and what it means to be Blue. Salty is a term that describes being “angry, agitated or upset.”

As for DGAF, that simply means that — at the time — a person just doesn’t give a f**k.

That makes four of the five Burger King Real Meals easy to understand. But, a lot of people have no idea what Burger King is trying to accomplish with the YAAAS Meal.

What does YAAAS mean in the Burger King Real Meals?

When someone hears the term “YAAAS,” it always came across as a term of triumph. Of course, many people only know YAAAS from the fist-pumping or the YAAAS QUEEN version and can’t see any other meaning of the term.

There is also the fact that Yaaas is a Finish term that means “Mother of Horses” and oftentimes is used as an insulting slang term in the United States to refer to someone being a bi**h.

Looking at the trailer for the Burger King commercial, this meal is referring to YAAAS in this manner.

When the girl in the commercial is walking with her baby and someone acts like she can’t raise a baby at such a young age, she tells the world to suck it — a response to those looking down on her.

It is even more pronounced when the girl walks down the stairs and yells out that her boss is a creep and she told him to go f**k himself.

That is the meaning of YAAAS that Burger King is using here for their Real Meals, something that people who suffer from public shame and scorn can easily understand.

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