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Why is Instagram not working? Here’s what we know about why platform is down

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Thousands of users are complaining that Instagram has now been down for 24 hours. Pic credit: Instagram

Instagram is still down for many users across the USA and worldwide, and many users are getting increasingly frustrated.

Fans of the photo-focused social media platform have complained of problems with the mobile app for over 24 hours.

The issues seem varied and numerous, but many iPhone and Android users seem to be experiencing the same problem of their timeline not refreshing.

Meanwhile, others have said they can’t check their direct messages, watch Instagram stories, or even check their activity. All of which leaves the app as nothing more than a glorified photo album.

Instagram issues have lasted over 24 hours

It seems the problems started occurring sometime in the early hours of Tuesday morning and seemed to be continuing on Wednesday morning.

DownDetector reported thousands of complaints yesterday, which died down overnight, but complaints are rising again today.

DownDetector graph tracks complaints about Instagram
Pic credit:

There are reports of issues across the world, but it seems that North America and Europe are most affected.

Frustrated Instagramers have been switching their apps off and on again, uninstalling and reinstalling, checking their Wi-fi routers, and switching to mobile data, but all to no avail.

It seems the issue is with Instagram themselves.

Many Instagram users have taken to rival platform, Twitter, to voice their frustrations with the issues. One complaint stated that they’d deleted the app “like ten times,” but it still wasn’t refreshing.

Instagram user complains about deleting the app 10 times
Pic credit: @AngelHe15771621/Twitter

A spokesperson for Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, told Business Insider, “We are aware that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

But frustratingly, they didn’t give a reason for the glitch.

So, why is Instagram down?

It remains unknown as to why Instagram is still down, but there is a theory. The theory doing the rounds online suggests that it may have something to do with a recent update.

The Express reported that a new version of the app became available just two days ago, which was, supposedly, hoped to bring “bug fixes and performance improvements” to the service.

It seems like it might need more work.

However, many users who claim not to have done an update within the last 24 hours are also reporting problems.

Many users have been complaining and joking on Twitter about how long it seems to be taking to fix the issues.

“Seriously, how long is this going to be?” asked another user.

And some folks wondered if, after 24 hours, Instagram even has an IT team to fix it!

User asks if Instagram has an IT team
Pic credit: @J_Williams5/Twitter

The technical issues seem to be somewhat sporadic and only affect some people. So, fingers crossed, they get everything back to normal soon.

This type of problem is not new to Instagram; last year, the social media app, along with its sister platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp, all crashed, much to the amusement of rival Twitter.

However, Twitter has also been known to have its problems.

However, when it works, Instagram can be absolutely wonderful; it’s recently given us some great moments, such as when actor Ryan Phillippe dissed Ellen DeGeneres and made fun of the ‘toxic’ allegations.

And there was the heartwarming moment when Zendaya’s 2020 Emmy win inspired a celebratory dance from Euphoria co-star, Storm Reid.

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