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Who is Jake Paul and why does everyone hate him?

Jake Paul made a video to talk about WBC boxing matches and how much fun he had
Jake Paul is one of the most popular YouTubers but he’s got a lot of haters too — Pic credit: Jake Paul

With more than 16 million subscribed to his channel, Jake Paul is one of the most popular YouTubers. But even with a huge following (or maybe because of it), there are quite a few people who hate Paul too. So what’s the deal with the Jake Paul controversy and why do so many people hate him?

Jake Paul and his older brother Logan got their start on Vine. Back before the video service went offline, both amassed a huge following. They often posted prank videos and other forms of outrageousness, something that hasn’t really changed even after moving to another medium.

It was actually Logan Paul who earned the ire of the internet back when he uploaded a suicide discovery to his YouTube channel. Aside from that and a handful of other shockers, it’s his brother Jake who has turned into a YouTube bad guy.

The Jake Paul controversy

At just 21 years old, Jake Paul has a stack of controversies behind him. According to Inverse, those some of the reasons that this Paul brother is so hated are very serious.

Jake Paul has been accused over the years of being racist and for making fun of minorities for laughs in his viral videos. There’s also the claims waged at Jake by ex-girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, Alissa Violet. According to Alissa, Jake was emotionally abusive while they were together.

Those accusations are pretty bad but even if true, there are plenty of instances in the entertainment industry where celebrities have been forgiven or at least had their terrible personal behavior ignored.

There must be more to it than that, right? Well, there is.

Jake Paul’s antics are also a source of ire for many who denounce the YouTuber. He often throws big parties and pulls pranks in the neighborhood where he lives. It’s a pretty sure bet that his neighbors hate him.

Nobody likes a braggart

He ended up losing a Disney contract and was fired from his show Bizaardvark after releasing a music video bragging about his money, his car (a Lambo), and even his lucrative Disney contract.

That didn’t go over well for Jake Paul, especially since many of his followers did not carry over from his Vine days. They didn’t understand everything about how he got his start. So it should come as no surprise when his attempts at humor and obvious bragging didn’t work.

In fact, Jake dug the hole even further when he was interviewed about the music video and in it, he told fans to “dab on their haters” and then proceeded to dab before shouting out even more of his infamous one-liners.

In response, Disney ended up dropping Jake Paul and canceling his show. That meant Paul’s rise from Vine to YouTube to Disney ended up going in reverse a bit.

With all that said, just that video alone has 212 million views on YouTube. Every time you watch and laugh at that Jake Paul video, he’s getting paid. Who’s laughing now?

More Jake Paul controversy

It didn’t stop there. Jake Paul continued to cause issues and raise questions with what some would call careless YouTubing.

Pretty much everyone was offended when Jake compared himself to Dr. Dre. He drew even more hate when taking to his YouTube channel to explain how he planned to build his new media company up. When he said he wanted to take over the way Dre took over hip-hop, it was pretty laughable but many weren’t amused.

Parents everywhere freaked out in January 2018 when Jake Paul uploaded a video about losing his virginity. He was blasted for forgetting to mind his audience.

Considering that the bulk of his viewers are in their teens, sharing sensitive content can hurt his brand. Then again, being the bad guy can pay off too when teens don’t mind their parents. Either way, this didn’t win Jake Paul any popularity points but it did get a lot of views.

Many of the antics on Jake Paul’s YouTube channel (and probably even some recordings that didn’t make the cut) have resulted in having the police called. He’s even been banned from filming in several locations.

This isn’t professional videography going on where permits and licenses are in order. Oftentimes, Jake Paul films whatever goofy idea he thinks might get him some clicks regardless of how others feel about it. That can have real consequences, as Paul has been learning lately.

Then again, he just filmed a celebrity boxing match and has been raving about how cool it was. It wasn’t revealed just how much Jake Paul was paid for that stunt but according to a few estimates, the YouTubers easily made millions.

Now, real boxers hate Jake Paul too.

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