What is a mushroom burial suit? Luke Perry laid to rest in eco-friendly way

Luke Perry
Luke Perry was buried in a mushroom burial suit. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/MJT/AdMedia

Luke Perry’s daughter, Sophie Perry, revealed in an Instagram post on Friday that her father, who recently passed away, was buried in a mushroom suite according to his wish.

Sophie revealed that her father, known for playing Archie Andrews’s dad Frank on Riverdale and Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 90210 had previously made it known that he wanted to be buried in a mushroom suit — also known as an Infinity Burial Suit — on the grounds of his farm in Tennessee and that is exactly what his family chose to do for Luke Perry after his untimely death.

Luke died on March 4, 2019, at the age of 52 after suffering a stroke on February 27, 2019, at his home in Sherman Oaks, California.

“My dad discovered [mushroom burial suits] and was more excited by this than I have ever seen him,” Sophie wrote on Instagram. “He was buried in this suit, one of his final wishes.”

Since Sophie revealed that her late dad was buried in a mushroom burial suit many have been asking what a mushroom burial suit is and how to get one. If you’ve also been wondering the same thing, here is everything you need to know.

What is a mushroom burial suit?

Sophie Perry described mushroom burial suits as an “eco-friendly burial option via mushrooms.”

A mushroom burial suit is a biodegradable garment with no chemicals or preservatives added. The suit uses mushroom spores and other microorganisms to slowly digest bodies and eliminate toxins in a process called mycoremediation.

The company known as Coeio pioneered the use of mushroom suits, which it also refers to Infinity Burial Suits. The company’s CEO Jae Rhim Lee, who is an MIT graduate, gave a TED talk about mushroom burial suits in 2011 (see YouTube video below).

Some of the advantages of mushroom burial suit listed on Coeio’s website include that it cleanses the decomposing body and surrounding soil of toxins and thus prevents the toxins from seeping into the environment. It delivers nutrients from the decomposing body to nearby plant roots more efficiently and promotes the growth of new life around the body faster than normal.

“The end result of being buried in the Infinity Burial Suit, or any of Coeio’s products, is that bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life,” Coeio explains on its website.

“I was inspired by the idea that mushrooms are the master decomposers of the earth and thereby the interface organisms between life and death,” Lee said in an interview with Fast Company.

Coeio began selling mushroom burial suits in 2016 and later introduced a version called Infinity Pods for pets.

Burial in a mushroom suit costs $1500, while Infinity Pods cost from $75 to $250.

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