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Watch the best 2020 Super Bowl commercials

Watch the best 2020 Super Bowl commercials
Bryan Cranston in a Super Bowl commercial. Pic credit: Mountain Dew

The Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers to take home the NFL’s championship trophy. The game was exciting with the Chiefs coming from 10 down to beat the 49ers and Patrick Mahomes walked out as the Super Bowl MVP.

However, for many people, the Super Bowl was all about the commercials.

This year’s Super Bowl included all the main advertisers, including Budweiser, Doritos, Pepsi and Coke, Hulu, and many more.

They ran the gamut of funny to bizarre, from touching to downright sad. At the end of the day, they did what most people expected. They entertained and made people feel something.

With so many great commercials, here are some of the best.

Funny Super Bowl Commercials

One of the craziest of the Super Bowl commercials came from Mountain Dew Zero Sugar.

This was a spoof of The Shining, with Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston in the role of Jack Torrance. He was walking through the Overlook Mansion, offering a bottle of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar.

He finally busted through the bathroom door and Tracee Ellis Ross decided she was thirsty. Then Cranston was the twins and the Mountain Dew poured from the elevators.

Another very funny commercial — especially for kids of the ’80s — saw Bill Murray reprise his role from Groundhog Day with a nod to Caddyshack.

Rick and Morty made an appearance as well, as Pringles was able to capture them and force them into a Super Bowl commercial.

Captain America was also in a Super Bowl commercial, along with  John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and Big Papi, David Ortiz. They were all in amazement at the self-parking cars.

The touching Super Bowl commercials

Of course, you can’t have Super Bowl commercials without the serious ones as well.

This Kia commercial took a true-life story and showed that people should never give up.

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was homeless as a youngster and he took this chance to tell his younger self not to give up and to use his God-given talents to move up and out of poverty.

The Microsoft commercial told the story of Katie Sowers, who went from a little girl who loved football to an Offensive Assistant Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, proving that anything is possible.

There was also a very depressing commercial from Google about an elderly man whose wife told him not to miss her too much and get out of the house after she dies.

He uses Google to keep his memories of her alive.

In a more positive commercial, this one tells the story of a dog that is a cancer survivor and the difference that pets make in a person’s life.

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials in 2020?

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