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‘Until Tomorrow’ captions on Instagram: What does the trend mean and why is everyone posting it?

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The Until Tomorrow challenge is one of many challenges to hit social media in recent weeks. Pic credit: Instagram

Many of us practicing social-isolation have taken to the internet and social media to keep ourselves occupied while we attempt to ride out the current pandemic.

This has caused a ton of memes, gifs, and challenges popping up across the social media platforms.

And if you’ve been on Instagram lately, you can’t have failed to notice everyone putting up “until tomorrow” or “only until tomorrow” hashtags.

Post embarrassing photos of yourself for ‘until tomorrow’ challenge

This latest viral challenge requires you to post a weird, embarrassing, unusual, or cringy photo of yourself. However, the key is to leave these pics up for 24 hours.

The challenge has proved particularly popular with those of us bored out of our skulls as we count down the minutes until these movement restrictions are lifted.

Unfortunately, you can’t just post an embarrassing picture of yourself willy nilly, no, you have to wait until some kind soul nominates you. Only then can you post with the hashtag #UntilTomorrow or #OnlyUntilTomorrow.

That said, most people have been ignoring the nominating rules. Many dived straight in, so it’s turned into a free for all. So get posting folks.

Don’t forget you can take the picture down after 24-hours, so feel free to go for something as embarrassing as possible.

As of writing, the #UntilTomorrow hashtag had 254,835 posts, and #OnlyUntilTomorrow had just shy of 7,000 on Instagram.

Some folks combined it with #SocialIsolation2020 or #TillTomorrow or #ItsCoronatime.

Here’s a small selection of some of the latest posts.

Twitter was confused as to the meaning of ‘Until Tomorrow’

Meanwhile, it’s led to some level of confusion on Twitter.

Some folks on Twitter expressed concern when they saw the challenge appearing on Instagram, not knowing its meaning, some thought the world was coming to an end.

Don’t worry, guys, they’re only taking some photos down tomorrow.

The internet and social media have provided numerous ways for people to stay in touch and stay entertained as many people remain indoors to practice social-distancing.

Many celebrities have taken the opportunity to reach out to their fans, albeit with mixed results.

Garth Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, live-streamed a concert this Monday for their fans on Facebook Live, however, the site crashed when 3.4 million logged on to her the country music star.

Meanwhile, numerous celebrities have shared their advice and experiences as they self-isolate.

For example, Tom Holland took to Instagram to tell us all he’s buying chickens to help him through the crisis; hopefully, he won’t contract bird flu.

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