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This ‘You enter a bedroom’ riddle about 34 people is the latest viral challenge: Can you figure out the answer?

A room with 5 people
If you enter a room with 5 people and kill 4, how many are in the room? Pic credit: Alexander Schimmeck/

Social media is being bombarded with various riddles, quizzes, and challenges just now thanks to millions of people having oodles of time on their hands because of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to stave off boredom, then puzzling over a riddle is an ideal way to pass the time and exercise the old brain cells.

The latest puzzle to hit Twitter is the ‘You enter a bedroom’ riddle, and it’s causing lots of head-scratching.

It also has a bit of a grisly theme in that it seems to involve the murder of a large number of people, but don’t worry, folks, it’s just wordplay.

So how’s the riddle worded?

There are different ways to word this riddle, but two options seem to be the most common.

You enter a bedroom there are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?


There are five people in a room. You walk in and kill four of them. How many people are left in the room?

However, whether it’s initially 34 or 5 in the room doesn’t really matter a whole lot to the general crux of the riddle.

This one is a bit fiendish in its trickiness and requires a bit of thought. It’s perhaps best not to blurt out the first answer that comes to mind as your correspondent initially did, and was wrong.

What’s the answer to the riddle?

In the first wording, the answer is 35, and in the second, it’s 6

How does that work you may well ask? First of all, don’t forget to count yourself. It states, “you” walk into a room.

Secondly, the number of people in the room doesn’t change with the murdering; if 30 people are killed, they are still technically in the room.

That hasn’t stopped many online answering 2 for the first wording and 5 for the second, but unfortunately, it’s incorrect. If the wording had asked for “living” people, then that would have been a very different answer.

There are still plenty of folks arguing online about the solution, and some posters of the riddle have picked the wrong answer themselves, but then riddles have always caused a hot debate.

Of course, riddles aren’t for everyone, as this online user below implies.

Fancy a go at another?

Another riddle doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago was the pregnant woman goes to the fridge riddle, which goes:

“A pregnant woman goes out of her room and into the kitchen.  She goes to the fridge door and opens a can of tuna, a soda, a yogurt, and a cookie. What did she open first?”

Can’t work it out? Find the answer right here.

Or how about this one, “As I was walking across the London Bridge, I met a man who drew his hat and drew his cane, and in this riddle, I said his name. What is it?”

Follow the link to find the answer.

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